Intelligence Experts whiffed on a "curveball"

I read in the LA times paper yesterday that one Iraqi defector coded named “curveball” singlehandedly corrupted pre war weapons estimates.This is alarming because German agents described him as crazy and his friends as a “congential liar”.Even worse none of the U.S. agents reportedly even talked to this defector- the information came 2nd hand from other another countries intelligence personel.
So what is going to happen next- Are we going to read in a few years that a single Iranian defector named “Screwball” supplied wrong or fabricated intelligence information on the Iran nucular weapons program and another of my neighbors sons has to go to war to “bring liberty and Freedom” to Iran- and i don’t want to hear Condalisa Lice yelling that " yes , iran has necular weapons, we just haven’t found them yet!"

This is old. Old, like, everybody knew about it even BEFORE the war.

If you guys know this is old then the LA Times who reported the story in yesterdays paper takes a long time to print their stories-

No, I meant, we all know that they whiffed on someone who’d only be found living in a sanitarium, the only thing that is news is that now we know exactly which one crazy dude it was.


Iran hopes for EU nuclear accord

[b]Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has said he is hopeful a solution can be found with the EU over the issue of Iran’s controversial nuclear programme.

Iran has been negotiating with the UK, France and Germany for trade and technology benefits.

In return Iran would provide guarantees it is not developing nuclear weapons. [/b]

This is somewhat good news. However I’ve also read reports that US Special forces have already crossed the border and are doing recon, as are unmanned drones over flying the power plants, looking for any traces of enriching weapons grade uranium.

That same crazy source we used for ALL pre-war intel, despite being contradictory to EVERY fact at our disposal, came from a person wanted for bank fraud in 3 countries.

*Condoleeza Rice

That bitch haunts me in my dreams.

Sub Par.

<Sigh>…and I had aspirations of being in the FBI or CIA. Broken dreams…

Don’t let her haunt you in your dreams- Let Congo Lisa do a wild african jungle dance for you in your dreams- sorry, maybe this post belongs over at the sex topic people have been discussing.
And don’t worry Herr Rommell i will have Herr Heidrich put in a good word for you at the CIA-you don’t think he actually was assassinated in Czechoslovakia do you?—

Now I’m going to have horrible nightmares about this. And all of my dreams lately have ended with me being arrested by FBI.

Damn you, dq, now I can’t go to sleep in fear of being arrested in my dreams and being forced to do the unthinkable in a federal penetentiary.

I won’t ever let Condolleeza Rice anywhere near me IRL, but she still haunts me in my dreams.