Instead of having bands you like..

comment about the bands you hate and why. I personally, dislike any immature band like:

*blink 182
*sum 41
*anything with damn numbers.
*Limp Biscuit
*Linkin Park

Any over the top, exxagerated band like:

And any bands that have the word God in it, I feel likes it contradicting God or something LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF MUSIC PLZKTHNKS
*Eye Hate God
*Lamb of God

And also, please for the threads sakes, do not take anyones opinion to face value :smiley:

*The Darkness.

They are just not funny.

I’d have a shorter list of the bands I like:

I like:

Green Day
My Chemical Romance
The Killers
Our Lady Peace
Rob Zombie
Franz Ferdinand

I don’t like much else music.

Way to be on topic Setz.

I don’t like a whole lot of bands, but bands I particularly hate are R&B and rap-like.

I don’t understand why people pay so much attention to bands they hate, it’s like going to a baseball game just to boo the players on a team you don’t like.

I guess I don’t like anything that’s real sappy where the artist tries to put a lot of meaning into a song. Celine Dion comes to mind.

Its not that people put certain bands in a negative significance.Its just the simple reason that this hasn’t been done before.

I had started a list, but I’ll just sum it up in a sentence: Any of those whiny fuckers who can’t play worth shit that are always on MTV such as “The Killers” and “My Chemical Romance.”

Mitsuko, have you actually listened to anything by Lamb Of God or Eye Hate God?

For example, Lamb Of God are rather talented musicians and musically make no reference to any deity or religious topic.

And for bands I dislike, basically the same as Cro: The Killers, MCR and I don’t hate Green Day but I’m annoyed at how everyone is like “WOW BILLY JOE IS A GUITAR GOD! HE’S SO TALENTED!”

Because when I’m near places that have radios or equivalents, I have to put up with it. Thank god for portable audio.

What are you talking about, he is! It’s obvious that very simple barre chord rythm and a Chuck-Berry-slide solo make you a guitar god. You know, the way Johnny Ramone was a more talented musician than Carlos Santana, obviously.

Anyway, most of the bands I hate are pop punk, emo, and ‘straight edge’ music, because I feel like they’re bastardizations of my choice kind of movement. Pop Punk is nothing more than a fairly blatant cash-in. Emo decided to distinguish itself from other kinds of punk and hardcore music by HAVING EMOTION INVOLVED, because, you know, it’s not like the Clash’s Lost in the Supermarker, Lover’s Rock, or anything like that had any emotion at all. Straight Edge takes the rejection of drugs, alcohol and sex to the point where they can’t ‘fucking think’ about anything else, and instead of just keeping themselves in a clean state or whatever, they let alcohol and drugs rule their lives just as much as though they were addicts.

Yes I have, I believe in every band is talented in a way.Its just the title that bothers me.Though I know their songs have nothing to do with religion or any of the sort.When I dont like a band ,its not their talent that bothers me.I mean they wouldn’t be on a record label if they didn’t play well, right.Its something beyond that.

I don’t put much effort into music that I don’t like, so it’s difficult for me to list specific bands; instead, I can just list off things that I don’t like:

  • I usually(there are exceptions) dislike it when a band dumbs down their sound to get across to a broader audience. Now, sometimes I might like this sound, but usually it’s crap compared to what they once were.

  • I hate it when a song is just asking for a guitar solo and then it ends… without a single solo of any kind. I guess it’s because I’m a musician, but I really appreciate solos and the effort put into …most of them.

  • I don’t dislike any specific genre of music, infact I could probably find something that I like from just about every genre, but I hate the mainstreamed versions of them. The stuff you hear on the radio is shit compared to the stuff you can find by doing some very simple research(unless you’re listening to a classic rock station, then it’s like “alright!”).

  • I also dislike it when a band trys to be something they aren’t, but this is usually the media’s fault for throwing labels at them. To be more specific, how Cradle of Filth is thought of as black metal… yeah right, dude. That’s not black metal. more like extreme gothic metal or something.

Fallout Boy

Almost every new band that’s gotten significant radio airplay since 1996. That about covers it.

I hate bands that I don’t like.

I generally dislike bands that concentrate on music that uses (loud) lyrics as it’s main form of emphasis. Mainly because it takes away from the actual music. Plus, most of the time, they’re just garbled up. :frowning:

I’m nitpicky more about songs than the artists. For instance, I like one of Captain and Tenille’s songs, but I like Muskrat Love as much as I like getting splinters driven under my fingernails. But there are exceptions…

Have you ever tried playing a Killers or MCR song on guitar? You list MoP as your favourite album, yet Metallica is mickey mouse when it comes to guitar (and it shows). If you hate a band just for being on MTV, you have some serious issues, though I agree that most of them suck for various other reasons.

Bands I hate:

  1. Any vintage punk band resembling The Misfits. They suck beyond any margin of preference. I don’t hate the style. Most of them are just BAD BANDS. I can’t say enough about them. Key phrases: Pretense, lack of skill, violent but meaningless lyrics that appeal to kids searching for that rugged image. They’re just irritating and unimpressive. Like a fourteen year old discussing politics. Someone stop me before I can no longer shut up.

  2. LotR Metal. Blind Guardian, your riffs are great, but you need to mix it up once in a while.

  3. Rap and R&B. This doesn’t apply to ALL of it, but it’s a useful generalization to make. There is more to singing than range, sorry Usher. Nevertheless, you still need range to sing, sorry every existing rapper.

  4. Destiny’s Child. You are everything that is wrong with modern feminism. Instead of showing women how to become strong you merely try to hide the fact that they’re weak. Filling your videos with scrawny women kicking ass isn’t going to magically give scrawny women the ability to kick ass. Charlie’s Angels can’t exist in real life. Your message is fiction, as it always has been, and anyone who buys into it is putting themself in danger. Suggestion for next video: Women on leg press machines and punching bags, in weighted clothing.

I’ll add more later. This post took longer to phrase than I thought it would.

Arac: I know you were being sarcastic, but I’d like to state it bluntly. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN CARLOS SANTANA.

Gila: I second the solos thing.

HAHAAHAAHAH!!! That’s so true! Metallica have some very simplistic music, especially compared to Dave Mustaine’s(Megadeth) riffs, who they actually had the gall to kick him out right before recording their debut album. Tsk tsk tsk. Now look where they are…

What about Steve Vai? :stuck_out_tongue: Or Yngwie Malmsteen?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, another thing that pisses me off is what people consider R&B now, or atleast what it’s become… what the fuck, people singing? Look at what it stands for: Rhythm and Blues. Where’s all the blues? and the rhythm? Now it’s just singing. It’s all electronic shit now, too. No more awesome guitar solos… I like R&B but only the old stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. Not this modern crap.

I’m not familliar with the guitarists you named, but I’m a guitarist myself and every time I’ve seen Santana play, it was absolutely mindblowing. That guy is accurate as a laser and faster than light, and every single tone he creates is crystal clear. It’s just incredible.