Instant Revelations...

EDIT : I understand I do not make common sense.
This was a thread about non-sense suffering.
This is not a thread about christianity.
This is not a thread about absurdity.
This is not a thread about jainism.
This is not a thread about buddhism.
This is a thread about non-sense flaming!

Looks like Sado Masochists laugh in the face of your theory. =P

Your post = zero sense

Did you try to turn life into some sort of mathematical equation? Purpose is a pretty big issue to be summed up by just two words. Maybe you should think it through a little longer. Your use of the word suffering is a bit vague, especially when you couple it with positive and negative. As for purpose being more suffering, that seems very much wrong to me.

My opinions: As simple as I can see, my purpose is to help everyone else as much as possible, and seek love in my own time. Universal purpose I suppose would be much the same.

UF-J has a “little” trouble speaking English, so we humour him with random words. :smiley:

suffering = materalist
pain = suffering

therefore ketchup = hamburger

Yeah, but I’ld prefer to live with purpose, even if it meant more suffering. Not that I’m quite sure what this ‘suffering’ is (if you’ld like to explain further, that’l be helpful). I’m not sure there is purpose in this world, other then what you yourself make of it. You obviously have made purpose really pessimistic, but I’m not sure that’s the same or would relate for anyone else. Come to think of it, what makes you think everyone thinks of suffering in pleasure or pain anyway. And the connection between itself or itselfs and purpose are only very thin to make such a statement. Ahh!! I’m kinda confused now… sits back in the cornor

Cars = Engine
Engine = Pistons
Pistons > Steelers

therefore: 3 left turns = 1 right

Oh come on now, we all know that:


I think he meant ‘free post’

i r teh l0rd 0f ph34r!!!11


Let me just say this then.

Major: General Music.


What I’m saying with my mouth: “Is that your final answer?”

What I’m saying with my mind: “I’ve lost the will to live, please get to the final question, screw it up and lose 468 grand so I can have something to smile about.”