Installing Win98 SE over XP...

I’ve got the 98 set-up files (not legally, but…) and I’d like to know how to install 98 over XP. I believe the last time I tried running the install.exe I got something telling me that 98 needed to be installed while in DOS mode which, to the best of my knowledge, XP doesn’t HAVE. -_-;

Any help would be appreciated.

You could try making DOS boot discs, run them to get into dos, then do the install.

Assuming you have a floppy drive, <a href=“”>here</a> is a copy of DOS 6.22, which is to my knowledge, the latest (standalone) version.

Just boot it with CD support, navigate to your CD drive, and run the setup.exe, or whatever runs the files on the install CD.

No floppy drive. :frowning:

I guess I could make a DOS boot cd, right?

WIN98 doesn’t like installing when you have an OS already installed on the hard-drive… it would be easiest for you to partition your drive, and install 98 onto that. (Empty).
Hoping your computer will boot from CD ? - I think all do now anyway.


EDIT: Sorry, you’d need a disc with the files and such on it… but that’s not hard to obtain. I’m not sure whether burning what you have or not would work so well; it should though.

How do you partition the hard drive?

You need an application to do it. The best one is PowerQuest Partition Magic Pro. Its become a pay-to-play application recently, so you’ll need to find a torrent or something.;en-us;309000&sd=tech#XSLTH3135121123120121120120
That should help you out with partitoning your drive.

Another way though, is if you boot up with either a Windows CD or floppy in respective drives, and chose to boot from disc, you can use the ‘fdisk’ on that to do so. Just follow the steps in that. I’m not so concrete with WINXP though, so that last step May not work. The site is quite reliable though :slight_smile:

  • hope I’ve been able to help.


No. Don’t use fdisk. Seriously, get something that has a GUI, like the application i mentioned. Its much better than doing the guesswork.

But its your call.