Insignificant Ocarina of Time question...

I’ve been playing my Master Quest game lately. I was wondering…is it still possible toi get a skulltulla out of a Magic Bean hole after you plant a bean?

Not sure about this one, but I think you have to use the hole for a Skulltula first, then use it again to plant the beans. I do know that the hole in the Zora’s River area doesn’t produce Skulltulas for some reason.

You’ll probably also have to do the Skulltula thing in the past, too, because in the future, the bean platform things will have grown over the holes.

Also, if I remember correctly, a few of the bean sprout things actually lead you to Skulltulas.

Yes, you can. Just drop the bugs whenever you want (Past OR Future) and the Skulltula will come out normally.

Really? I was actually wondering if that worked, myself. It’s about the only thing that’s really held me back from wanting to do a “master” file of that game. Thank you, Seraphim Epyon! 8)

I replayed OoT about ten times so I know every last detail about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I was amazed by the amount of useless stuff that is lying around everywhere, like the wingless faeries that recover both life and magic. Too bad you can’t bottle those.

Huh? What wingless fairies? Is that only in the Master Quest?

Speaking of the Master Quest, I played it up until the Fire Temple, and in all honesty, I wasn’t all that impressed. The dungeons seemed kind of barren and desolate.

No, I’ve only played the N64 version. Sometimes on a few locations Navi will fly out and stand still near a point while flashing green (Like when you summon the scarecrow, only there’s no answer if you try to). In these cases, if you play the Song of Storms, a pink glowing light will suddenly appear. It’ll look like a regular fairy, only a bit bigger and with no wings; these heal both life and magic but you can’t catch them (Which makes them useless since they are never found near dangerous areas).

There were several of them but the only one I remember clearly is in that useless pond near Zora River Entrance:

Oh jesus, seeing that world map brings back memories.

…of goddamn Hyrule Field before you got Epona.

Wasn’t there one on Death Mountain, halfway between Goron City and Dodongo’s Cavern?

Yeah, near the red flag.

TD: Hah! I know what you mean. I used to do everything I could as fast as possible (Read: Getting Heart Pieces and Skulltulas). Running around the map several times as Child Link wasn’t exactly fun :stuck_out_tongue:

rolling helps… but not much.

Yeah, I know. By the way, has anyone ever gotten anything from racing that guy in the carpenter’s tent as Adult Link? I keep getting better times but still no prize :frowning:

People have cheated to get a time of 00:00, and still lost. (The running man declares his time as 00:0-, so yeah.)

The Zora’s River one was the one I was trying. I am such an idiot. ^_^;

Also, you can get Wingless Faeries by playing the Song of Storms for a gossip stone, I think.

I don’t think there’s any prize or anything. It’s like a time trial.

So it’s just for bragging rights then.

Have you tried bombing the Stones? :stuck_out_tongue:

Many times. And using Din’s Fire on them. And shooting them with elemental arrows. :slight_smile:

And yeah, it’s impossible to actually BEAT the guy. His time is always one second less than yours.

0.o how stupid is that!? Thank goodness I never wasted my time trying to do that. lol. ^^