INSANE Ninja Gaiden speedrun

This man is not human.

This is an authentic speedrun, not a tool-assisted one. Holy crap.

Oh man, Ninja Gaiden brings me BACK, man!

The thing that really impresses me is the boss speed; running through the levels really fucking fast isn’t hard in Ninja Gaiden. Hell, it’s the only way I survive them. Beating bosses like that is fucking crazy, though. That and the fact that he never once died are pretty impressive.

He gets hit about 26 times in the whole time, half of these during the last fights. He’s good.

Man named Ryu?Check. Revenge driven?Spelling mistakes?Check. Kisses unknown woman he saved minutes ago? Check. I tell you, between this and the intros of 80s cartoons I was watching today I almost have to ask permission to stay up till 10pm gasp!

He almost bit it in the second to last boss though. Still, that’s insane. I could never get through the first part of the second level.

Ironically I was nearing the end of my own first playthru of the game when I read this thread. After about 7 hrs. of playtime (most of which was spent running laps around the final act) the only obstacle left was the final form of the final boss fight. I was completely unaware that one could whack off the tail, but thanks to this guys video I learned the error of my ways.

But I did notice something that was odd. No matter how fast I attacked I could get no more than two hits off on an aerial target whereas this guy got four. I have a feeling that he may have used a turbo controller instead of a normal one, but I’m otherwise impressed with his speed run (and the sheer power of the spin attack).

That was CRAZY! (Of course, this is from someone who never got past the first level.)

I’ve never played the game, but are those spin attacks supposed to be that powerful?

The spin attacks are that powerful, but I don’t know about slashing four times while in mid-air. The impressive part is the way he defeats the second-to-last boss. I could never do it without the spin power, so I would just let myself die, go back to the very beginning of the level and run through it again with the spin power, then use it on the boss at the end. Then I’d have to repeat the process yet again for the last boss.

The Spin attacks make this so much easier. I had no idea about those. I may be able to defeat the last boss quickly, now.

SK: I just took an hour to fight him, hiding where I wouldn’t get hit until the opportune time to jump and attack. It was a pain, but it worked.

I’m at the point where I can beat Ninja Gaiden fairly easily, but I never really paid much attention to the spin attack, mostly because I was annoyed that I couldn’t jump and slash without losing MP.

Maybe I should try exploiting the spin attack on my next time through?

How did he kill the bosses in one hit?

You can, but it is a little obnoxious. If you hold Down, then jump and slash, you’ll slash normally without doing the spin attack.

He had the spin attack, so he just jumped at them while spinning. It does damage continuously, and you’re invincible while you do it, so one jump is enough.

Ah, no, you won’t. That’s the problem. There’s a bug in the game (or maybe it’s that way on purpose, I don’t know) that makes you lose whatever power-up you have after the first of the three final bosses. So even if you go in with the spin attack, it doesn’t really make much of a difference because the first boss is easy anyway, and you’ll lose the attack for the next one. The only way to get around this is to beat the first boss, then die and restart the level from the very beginning, go through it again, pick up the spin attack, and get to the end. Then you won’t have to fight the first boss again, you’ll go straight to the second one and then you can apply the spin attack. But if you want to have it for the third boss, you need to repeat the process once again.

There’s also the fact that your health will only refill during the first playthru of the final bosses, if you have to challenge one of them twice you’ll be at whatever health you entered with. (that means if you’re staring at the doorway to the final battle and you’ve got only a few pips left you’re better off suiciding right then and there even if it means a game over)

Also I’d perfer the Fire Wheel (the three rising flames attack) in the second fight. It can hit up to three times and you get to keep low to the ground (where it’s much easier to dodge his attacks then up in the air)

Btw, I didn’t know that to jump off a wall all you need to do is hold down the jump button while pressing in the opposite direction of the wall. 8o

The first form is the one that takes me such a damn long time. I can get throuch the other two pretty easy (not unbelievably fast, like he did, but easily enough).

Really? The first form is the one where you have to dodge the guy walking back and forth on the ground and slash at the thing in the middle. That part always goes fast for me, since it’s so predictable. I always had especial trouble with the second form, at least without the spin attack.