Hahahahaha, YES! It’s about damn time that I’ve made this thread!

This thread is about Innuendo: An indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.

This thread will probably get closed, lickety split! But I hope it doesnt, as it is purely legitimate… I would think. It’s just a threada about innuendo, not necessarily sexual innuendo. But I CANT THINK OF ANY OTHER KIND! So lets start with a couple of them!

I like the term “Junk” Its a great term, I should use it more often.

I also like “One eyed wonder weasel”

Please dont close this, all my threads should be cherished.

Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Charlemagne?


Oh… wait… subtle…

Caulk! >.>;

That isn’t innuendo. Its colloquialism and euphamism.

let me tell you, in my experience as the Queen of innuendo, the best types of euphemisms and double entendres are the ones involving fellatio and/or cunnilingus. Damn, but there’s a lot of possibilities for either one!

This thread is going to seem pretty lonely in a while, if you know what I mean.

Let’s hear it for the witches of Lancre!

Nanny Ogg: I wouldn’t date a man with a limp.
Magrat: A limp what?

I know a guys who’s hard.

>_> Yes that was lame but I’m tired and sick so I’m not really functioning (not that I ever do…)

So anyway, castration before killing never fails, either. Let’s say that a castrated enemy never “erects” revenge. Nor are they able to “splurge” in the “juices” of victory. They aren’t “properly equipped” in repaying you. They can never “come to a head” in deciding your fate. And they can never “have sex ever, ever again.” Ok, that last one was a little off topic, but still a valid point.


Ohhhhhkkay. I’m a pervert. And I’m proud of it. I might be one of the biggest perverts you’ll ever meet.

And I still think you all are bloody crazy.

And proud OF it!

Crazy world, huh? Where people feel the need to…

bends down near Charle’s ear

penis penis penis penis penis.


Originally posted by Cybercompost
That isn’t innuendo. Its colloquialism and euphamism.
Did you mean euphemism?

Yeah he probably did.

Ya know I can’t actually think of any. It’s a HARDER topic then you would think. Wait a mintue I think I just did IT.

Young Frankenstien quote:

A roll in ze hay.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
Wait a mintue I think I just did IT.

Did WHAT?? With whom, may I ask?

Just starting with innuendo isn’t easy. The people who just go around saying “penis” or what not aren’t even trying though. That’s about as subtle as a herd of stampeding rhinos. Perhaps they’re being blunt to make up for other defeciencies.

death to mine eyes.