Inglorious Basterds

Saw it today. I liked it. It reminded me of the “old Tarantino” - it was a lot like Pulp Fiction. There was strong characterization, good dialogue, with flashes of horrific violence. It was not an action movie the same way as Kill Bill - most of the movie was character development, and the action was used sparingly, but when it was used it was intense. Also, like Pulp Fiction, the movie kept you guessing the whole time and there were several big surprises.

Brad Pitt was surprisingly good(and funny).

I loved it to death. Seriously.

I found Christoph Waltz was more awesome and funny than Pitt, really. But they were both pretty good.

I did not see the plot twists coming.

I haven’t seen it yet, but Brad Pitt is fucking awesome. He is one of the greatest actors of all time

I bet you’re gonna take off that uniform…

Waltz was amazing. Pitt didn’t really have much screen time. Excellent movie - what a ride.

No, he didn’t, and it seems he was hired in part to make sure the movie would be a hit. The advertising was built around him. Still, he was quite good in his role.

I saw it yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. The tension in so many of the scenes was just thick, man! There was almost too much dialogue during scenes like that… it felt like being teased on a date, lol. Just go ahead and get to the action!

Saw it over the weekend as a final relaxation before the grind that is law school. I knew it was historical fiction. I didn’t know it was an alternate history film though. That was a pleasant surprise. I especially enjoyed Pitt’s Italian accent.

You have to admit though. At the end, the teasing paid off and they got to the action. I think it was a good ending and very much worth the wait. Wouldn’t you agree?

Like I said, I thought it was great. :slight_smile:

I think this is one of Robin Williams best movies.

(You people and your civilisation with its cinemas! Aaaargh!)

In Act 5, when Fredrick went into the screening room, I thought it was being dragged out too far. But yeah, it was worth the wait.

Outstanding movie, can’t wait to see it again. Now that I know what happens I’ll be able to enjoy the dialogue a bit more, as opposed to chewing on my nails.

Christoph Waltz stole the show, Oscar worthy performance. It’s interesting that Tarantino was considering canceling the project because he couldn’t find anyone to play the role of Hans Landa, until he saw Waltz. Here’s an excellent article about him from the NY Times:

“I think this is my masterpiece”