Infonick is still angry...but not as angry.

Infonick is no longer angry enough to smash. Infonick is still angry that there is no bitch raking leaves, but that has lost SOME importantance. Infonick has a date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball so he isn’t quite as angry. Infonick does not know why he’s talking in thuird person in this post either. Somebody stop him.

I offer Infonick my congratulations.

Stop talking in thrid person!

Big Nutter has just been to Loo. Big Nutter Ponders the phrase WAFU. Big nutter composes posts.

Will you two stop speaking in the 3rd Person.

Ohh, Have a great time. Just remeber to either sleep alone or on her couch. So you won’t lose it.

Big Nutter
Have a Great Party, Sir. (I would say your rank if I knew it)

IonMage hopes things go well and that the last bit of anger sputters away like the flame on a candle in a waterfall.

It’s not funny without the Hulk avvy you know…

Cless Alvein suspects that Infonick is inebriated.

Sinistral suspects that Infonick WILL be inebriated.

I suspects a bandwagon of third personery.

Nice going Info, you stud you. :wink:

The 984 started the talking in third person, not Infornick. Bob Dole might have started it, actually, but The 984 will still take credit. So stop stealing The 984’s thunder.


Why were you mad in the first place Info? x.x;

Cless Alvein is wrong, Infonick is not drunk. Infonick has not drunk in a couple of months. Infonick is just happy to have a date to the ball. Infonick thanks you all for all the “congrats.” Infonick is a bit worried about meeting her father though, especially since he was in the Navy and he knows how guys in the military can be.

EDIT: Infonick is angry because there is no bitch raking leaves on the main page.

My eyes. MY EYES!


Yvan eth nioj!

Did any of our tips from the other thread you made help?

Good luck with the girl, man.

For some reason, Xelopheris thought you said “Bringing a third person”. At which point, Xelopheris thought “If Infonick doesn’t know the joys of a threesome, Infonick deserves to be inebriated”.

Sinistral doesn’t know how Xelopheris would know about the joys of a threesome.