Infinium Labs: Redux (link may be slow to load)

That sums up a lot of why there’s so much skepticism surrounding the Phantom. Sad, really.

If what the article hints to is true, it’s not strange that they aren’t worried about releasing the console with no games leased - there isn’t any console to release.

I think this is a very interesting take on the why the Phantom is fake. Good one, X.

Actually it was in the latest PA newspost, but they seem to have been echoing everything I’ve suspected about the Phantom, even before I’ve thought of it. When we first heard of the Phantom they were the first to suspect it was a pile of horseshit - namely, the use of lots of jargon, like going into a boardroom meeting and using words like “proactive” or other BS.

Then, more recently, they posted stuff about them not having any trademarks, patents, or actual building space. Stuff that, y’know, is nice to have. If you plan on competing in the console market anytime soon. But that may just be me talking.

It seems rather appropriate that they gave their non-existent console the name “Phantom”.