individual classes

Okay, i was playing FFT the other day, and i liked how it has special character classes for special characters. So(for the sake of fresh discussion) if you were in an RPG(any RPG, really) and you were a special char…

What would your special class be ? Feel free to make up anything you want, and give a short description of the class. Maybe even a skill list.

Just an idea, i dont remember when the last time a thread like this was made, (or if)… soo

I’ll post mine later…

Sword master…
Able to duel weild any two swords
I’ll do a skill list later.

I’d be the Blademaster class from Fire Emblem. Those guys moved like dancers and struck like rhinos. Awesome. :smiley:

I’d be a completely fucking broken class that merges the abilities of 3 other classes combined with really good stats, which everyone claims they don’t use to appear cool and hardcore but secretely do, and which makes every fight a matter of getting me into range before stuff starts dying.

a mix of assassin and paladin (and a bit thief) whuahahaha!!

i would be a gundam pilot.

and i could summon different gundams to do different things.

like clown gundam could confuse enemies

dark gundam could be like odin in ff9

wing zero custom could be like alexander and so on.

ill show my skill list later. :moogle:

Okay, i’ll do mine now.

I’d be a Gunslinger.
My skills would be like Mustadio’s, my special command would be Snipe, which could later be updated to Quickdraw.

So… TD… what would this broken class be called ? Broken ?

My class would be “Elite Forum Regular.” I would use sarcasm and cursing to belittle my foes, and then attempt to crush them with my gigantic post count.

Tesla Knight-
I’d be a defender of some noble and my skill list would involve a plethora of Lightning based elemental “Sword Skills” like those of Final Fantasy Tactics, one such would be Agrias’ “Lightning Stab” and others of similar theme.

It’d be cool, imo… “Destructive force, riegn your terror upon thy enemy! Lightning Crush!”

Or somthing like that… :slight_smile:

I’d have all the abilities that have weird effects to use. I always like those Jobs with unusual abilities- like Chemist or Lady Luck- that many people consider useless because they’re not as obviously effective as, say, Knights or Mages are. I loved FF5 because it allowed me to equip all sort of weird ability combos. The challenge was winning the game with them!

Something along the lines of “Holy Swordsman”

points to my Forum handle

scratches his head
“Tell me of hell, for of heaven I know.”

Dark Emperess!


he would be armed with either the books from FFT o lightweight swords an armor.Skills would consist from powering all of the allies abilities,depowerring enemies,change parts of the battlefield and setting traps all over.

Animator animates the enemies weapons or uses cards with effects on them like a fire card. I would also equip Summoner as a secondary job.

I’d be a one-legged puppy named “li’l brudder.” :bowser: The heart of a champion…

Ahem, no seriously, I’d be like a mix between a thief and a time mage. You know how good that would be? I’d be able to move really far and he’d have really high evasion, speed, and luck. I should also be able to like, jump over the enemies, or maybe teleport. My skills? Let’s see… They would definitely include Haste, Slow, Stop, and Demi for the time mage part, and all the normal steals for the thief part, plus some kind of unique skill that puts haste on me, slow on the enemy, and steals gil or items, all in one swoop. Plus it would be cool to be able to move twice, like to run forward to steal, then run back. PLUS I could have a unique weapon called a Staffblade, with a staff at one end and a big knife at the other.

You know what would be cool to have in FFT? Throwing moves, where you could throw the enemies like five panels and you could hit other enemies in their path and stuff.

Ninjas can throw stuff, just not enemies… only all the weapons in the game…

Mime. :smiley:

I’m talkin about throwing the enemies themselves. It’d probably be a monk thing, maybe ninjas too. I just think it would be awesome to just pick up some little white mage and chuck her across the arena.