Indi games recommendation thread

Basically this is a thread for recommending Indi games and linking to where they might be found.

Please, please post some kind of description or link to a review or trailer for the game. If you just type a game’s title and nothing else then you’ve told nothing.

My RPG recommendations:

Alter Aila
Freeware, traditional RPG, sci-fi
The story, music, visuals, everything comes together very thematically. The game allows you to choose which side of a war you’re on, Loyalist, Rebel, or Independent. Your other party members, a couple locations, and the last boss change depending on which side you’re on. If you play through all 3 plotlines it becomes possible to play a fourth, which goes beyond the scope of the earlier plotlines in many ways. Not a lot of customization, playing through the first 3 plotlines gets a bit repetitive, but the 4th one is worth it.
May be downloaded here:

Alter Aila Genesis
Freeware, side-scrolling RPG, sci-fi
A remake of Alter Aila by the same author.
Has an unusual side-scrolling gameworld, which is a nice change of pace in an RPG. Rather then MP a complex EX and AP system that encourages use of your special abilities in random battles, rather then you hording everything for the boss fights. And an unusual emphasis on items.

All of the above set it apart from other RPGs I’ve played in terms of game mechanics. I found it easy to get into, fun to play, and that the author has a really good eye for details.

The cutscenes go a long way to immersing you in the setting and storyline, as well as maintaining the dark post-apocalyptic atmosphere. But I’d rather you discover the plot for yourself. Instead I’ll talk a little about the characters.

I believe that Alter Aila Genesis’ greatest strength is in the characters. These are characters who’ve been around, by that I mean the author has really had time to think about and explore thier motivations, personalities, goals, weaknesses, ect. They feel real, they have depth, and there’s almost always more to them then is first apparent. I would have liked it if the villains had gotten just a little more screentime though.

All in all, this is a must-play for fans of RPGs.

You can get more info and download the game here:

Ark 22
Freeware, Zelda-style adventure game, sci-fi
This game is fun. It’s got a reasonably OK plot, decent level design, plenty of hidden stuff to find, alternate endings, and so forth. But where it really shines is the bosses. From the first boss attacking you in a helicopter, to the absolutely monstrous last boss, they are all awesome to behold and quite memorable.
weird review:
May be downloaded here:

Guardian Paradise
Freeware, Zelda-style adventure game
It’s a very professional-looking doujin game that has been translated into English. It’s puzzle-heavy and a bit too easy, but nevertheless fun. There’s actually surprisingly little I can say about this one beyond ‘it’s like Zelda’.
Link to download:

Freeware, Run-and-gun platformer with rpg-elements.
Wide variety of weapons, you control where all your level-ups go so your character is highly customizable, solid level design, great story peppered with humor, lots of secrets. And it’s possible to play as a pacifist, which alters the storyline. It’s also possible to get the main character to completely snap and loose her mind. There are a number of difficulty settings and alternate modes which, combined with the customizability of the main character gives it great replay value. And it has one of the greatest last bosses I’ve ever seen. (and then on the replay you can see him at his FULL power).
Official Trailer:
A wacky ‘review’:
May be downloaded from the author’s website here:

Castlevania: Dracula’s Shadow
Freeware, platformer with RPG elements.
This one really gets to me, this guy spent 5 years of his life making a really awesome game and then putting out for free, and no-one seems to know it even exists. It has my vote as the most underrated, nay, completely overlooked game on the web. It’s based on Castlevania II but fixes all the things people (like the AVGN) complain about. But then he goes further adding all sorts of new stuff including multiple party members, alchemy, tons of bosses, ect. ect. Basically if you enjoy the NES Castlevanias, you really have to play this game.
Possibly the only review that exists for it:
You may download it here:

Memories of Mana
Freeware, Adventure/RPG
I saved the best for last, this game is truly AMAZING! but… It’s all in Portuguese. You run around and slice up enemies, gain levels, learn new spells/sword techs/ect. The plot is a little strange but solid, everything about this game is excellent. It’s Mana series fangame, taking place after Seiken Densetsu 3 (That would be Secret of Mana II), the game seems incomplete, but recently the next chapter of the game, Memories of Mana II, was released continuing the story. There is at least one more chapter still being made. Take a look at the trailer, It’s from Memories of Mana II but the gameplay is largely the same.
official Trailer:
Link to original Memoeris of Mana:
Link to Memories of Mana II:

Why I made this thread (For those who care): There’s tons of great indi games out there, but how can you tell if a game is good or not? You can’t trust the author’s write-up, and with especially with RPGs you can’t always tell if a game is awesome or it’s crap by playing it for 20 minutes. So I turn to reviews/recommendations.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated by recommendations that fail to include any useful information in their write-ups. It’s not uncommon for them to fail to even mention what GENRE of game it is.

This is a pretty cool thread. I’ve written a few reviews of indie games, myself.

I really enjoyed World of Goo, Braid, Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers and Deathspank (pseudo-indi since EA got involved with this one).

If you’re taling about Indie games some of the Xbox 360 homebrew games are really quite special- I MA3D A GAM3 WITH ZOMB13S!!! is much better than its name suggests, and Miner Dig Deep will simply hoover up your free time in ways only games like the Civ series have.

My favorite games from XBox Live Indie are Ninja Bros., Green Island, and Downtown Smash Dodgeball. Soulcaster is also really good, and worth downloading the demo just so you can find an item shop and hear the FUCKING EPIC item shop music.

You’ve played La Mulana, SG? Cool!

My recommendation is Barbarian Onslaught: The secret of steel. Fitting music, funny animations, control a la Sensible Soccer (by the way if you move forward and hold space there’s a special move I think the in-game hints don’t mention) and general barbarian 2d hack n’ slashery all around. Also, pause the game by right-clicking when the phone rings (ahem). Krom!

Played Tower of Heaven the other day, and it was really neat. It really has some awesome music, and yeah, it was pretty damn hard. There’s a Flash version of the game now, and that’s what I played. The so-called “secrets” were interestingly hidden (found the first 2 easily on my 2nd run, the 3rd I had to look up). But yeah, it was a great game.

Hummingbird Mind-a fun little 10 minute interactive novel. You play as a man with a short attention span. The writing is pretty witty–I especially like the part where you imagine what your cat would say if he could talk. The only gameplay is making some choices throughout the “game”, but it is a fun, unique little time sink.

Enough Plumbers–The closest thing to 100 Marios that we will ever see. It is a Mario clone mixed with a puzzle game. The plumber can make a copy of himself by grabbing a coin. The levels are one screen each and to get to the goal the plumber will need to cleverly use his power of duplicating himself.

Last Scenario - RPG. Made with RPG maker, so the gameplay is solid if unexceptional, albeit with a couple of interesting twists to it. But the big draw is the writing. Easily one of the best game stories I’ve ever seen.

Knytt Stories - Atmospheric not-quite-Metroidvania platformer, with an emphasis on exploration and avoiding obstacles rather than confrontation. There’s lots of nifty fan-made content, too.

Battle for Wesnoth - An open-source tactical RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem, and it even has online multiplayer.

Lyle in Cube Sector - Metroidvania game with retro-style graphics and music where you defeat enemies by throwing things at them. Kind of like a cross between Super Metroid and Super Mario Bros 2.

Rom Check Fail (scroll down a bit) - A short but nifty little game where your play style is constantly shifting.

And I shouldn’t need to mention it here of all places, but anyone who hasn’t played Cave Story…fix this. Now. You owe it to yourself as a gamer.

Megaman DL was just finished yesterday. You play as robot masters from the original Megaman and fight those from Megaman II. Some of the stages are genius.

You can find it and videos relating to it here:

Alter Aila Genesis has been released. You can download it here: