Increasing speed??

Hey, I was just wondering if anbody out there knows how to increase the speed of the roms I play??

I usually use VBoyAdv. and just downloaded Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, (just to see what they’re actually like), and they seem alright, but are running really slow on my computer – (233 MHz, 32 MB RAM) – I have tried just lowering all of the sound/video options, but that only jumps the speed to around 45%, and it’s practically unplayable; maybe there’s a program like MoSlow, but in reverse??


Comp is part of the problem. Like a big part, but you can frameskip, and it speeds it up quite a bit. But uhh look in options or cheats or whatever since I dont play roms much anymore.

[li]Enable “Speed Up Toggle”
[/li][li]Lower sound quality
[/li][li]Don’t use any filters
[/li][li]Play with 1x or 2x windowed screen

Your comp is what really makes the emulator run slowly. Hell, I have 128 MB of RAM and I can jack up the speed close to 300% but it only stays there for a while and goes back down to 100% or so.

It’s not going to happen, your processor is way too slow.

I can have it run consistently at 300% buy just turning off the sound…

I Have to Settle for 15/60 or 20/50 on Zsnes. I can’t play Star Ocean at all and the Secret of Mana and SD3 (‘Sequel’ to SoM) rarely on it becouse I will lose the early battles. I usally have non-“ATB” RPGs.

Big Nutter
But then I do have another PC which when i can get on is 63/60 or 55/50.

What are your comp’s specs Sorc?

I have a Pentium III, 128 MB RAM, and a 8 MB graphics card. It’s a Gateway notebook. I assume you’re still talking about VisualBoy Advance, correct?