Hi, Guys, just a quick message to let you people know that I’m currently without regular Net access, and have been since last Thurdsay.

As some might remember, a lightning bolt screwed up my PC’s modem about two weeks ago. At first it malfunctioned only ocassionally, but now it plain refuses to log on. I thought I would solve this problem by getting Cable-based DSL installed. But, for some reason, that isn’t working either. I hope it’s some problem with the cable lines, and not another problem with my PC.

To make matters worse, my two other means of regular internet access- my sister Ivonne’s PC and my sister Ileana’s laptop- are also on the fritz. Ivonne’s PC had motherboard problems, so it was taken to the shop… and hasn’t been heard of yet. Ileana’s laptop’s current adapter is also malfunctioning, and we haven’t found a replacement yet. (I’m using the laptop right now, with an adapter loaned from a friend, but obviously I can’t count on that everyday.)

So, I wanted to let those people whom I left hanging- like Valkyrie, StarStorm and PC- know what happened. I still hope to get my problem solved with help from a technician from the Cable company, who’s coming tomorrow. In the worst case, I might have to go get my modem fixed, or buy a new one. That might take awhile. Let’s hope not, cuz I really miss you people, and the Net in general.

See you soon, guys- I hope!

I have a spare modem & other assorted parts for occasions like this so I don’t have to restrain myself from coming here shall something happen.

Hope you get your equip fixed soon.

You’re gonna be Incommunicado? You’re going to Mexico? drum roll followed by someone hitting me with a tomato

Anyways, best of luck to ya. Hope things work out soon.

Ahhh cwappo. Hope you get back soon Wilf.