In the words of the master, "holy shit"

Apparently, Death Valley’s bloomed over.

Jesus, I heard about this on the news today, and when I looked and saw those pictures… It’s amazing to think that a place like Death Valley could be so full of life. Oh, and if you want more pictures, Here’s some good ones.

Spring has sprung. My favourite season.

:eek: Wow, I had no idea. I thought DV was eternally dry. Shows you the persistence of Life. Thanks, V. :victoly:

Now there’s something one does not see every day. Whoa.

Oh wow, how pretty.

I wanna see petunias growning on a salt duck. Then I’ll be impressed.

… salt … duck …

how many people do you think have contributed this to jesus’s second coming or the rapture or something?

Yes, salt ducks. Ducks who landed in a puddle in the Death Valley salt flats, got stuck when the pool evaporated (happens rather quickly most of the time) and was eventually encased in salt. They just sit there, but they’re by far the coolest thing I saw on my trip there. Other than the other odd soil types; they’re cool too.

I was thinking more along the lines of the Greenhouse Effect. >_>

Southern CA is REALLY pretty at this time of the year because its warm and its the mid to end of the rain season.

Simply beautiful! It even brings a tear to my eye.

That is actually really impressive. If things stay like that, they may have to change the name of the place.

They won’t :P. Give it a month at most and everything’ll go back to its colorless burnt self.

True, it was nice to get to see something like that happen.

Wow, I didn’t think anything but cactuses and other desert plants grew there ever.

There’s life everywhere, I’m sorry to say. It survives through just about anything.

I want to go eat mushrooms in the desert before the flowers die, but I probably won’t get the chance.

That is fuggin awesome, however.

Think they’ll change the name of the valley now?

Pretty picture Val. I have to say I wouldn’t want to be there now though. My allegergies would make my nose go nuts. Damn that’s a lot of flowers!