In the not too distant future, March 14th

MST3K Returns to Riff on Cheap Seats

<img src=“”> Well in two days MST3K makes a surprise guest appearence on a show on ESPN Classics called Cheap Seats, which makes fun of bizzare sports (lumberjack compition, spelling bee, etc). Their appearence I guess the bots and Mike are making fun of the show itself, complete in MST3K style (the little seats on the bottom).

The bots are the ones from Sci-Fi Channel, so there is no strange replacement on their parts thankfully (so we don’t get some new guy doing Tom voice just for one appearence). :booster:


HOLY SHIT NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! And whats this i hear about the MST3K movie being re-released into theatres? I could’ve sworn i read about that somewhere.