In North Korea

A friend who came back from North Korea showed some pics he took there. Maybe you should take a look.

They began to build this in 1982. Not complete yet…

Terrible! These are the films they…

Policewoman… These few car in the street, and they
just stand there. :too bad;

They said it’s the best hotel there.

Only two elevator?

This is not permitted in Socialism country! How they can…

Whoa… Thanks Sun! You always post the neatest pics. Why does one have cnsphoto on it though?

I’m trying to figure out what this thread has to do with anything.

Sun often posts pics of stuff like this.

Nice photos.

Is this when we spontaniously start a caption contest?

You know, we never see this sort of stuff anymore since the American media has become so syndicated. It’s getting to be where there are so few independant photographers running around out there, that we sort of just turn a blind eye to everything else that’s going on out in the world that isn’t being run into the ground.

Great pics, Sun :slight_smile:

I thought it was restricted to travel into north korea?

Awesome pics though, you never get to see stuff like that in the media.

The elevators made me chuckle, reminds me of that ‘miniature heroes’ advert.

Dev: I’m guessing since Sun (and probably his friend) are Chinese, the travel restrictions are different. I did wonder about the picture restrictions myself.

Cute girls. And that modern pyramid is badass.

Sun, I really love your pictures. Seriously, what kind of camera do you use?

Probably something top of the line out of China.

Anyway, yea, the pictures are cool. But what do you mean about the gambling and socialism?

I just want to show you another world that you can’t see.
Maybe some of you enjoy this.

Maybe he made a mistake. I don’t know why.

Gambling is not allowed in Socialism country. I don’t remember how many people had been sentenced to death for gambling.

Several news agencies have sent reporters to N. Korea since they’ve “opened” their borders to tourists. National Geographic, for instance, had an article on Korea’s DMZ not too long ago, and a small section of it covered North Korea. All of the reports on N. Korea from these articles seem to be from the same “town” as sun’s friend visited, and they all agree on one key point: The town is a big hoax. It’s a PR front created to make North Korea look better, and all its citizens are nothing more than actors playing out their part. It doesn’t reflect N. Korea’s average living conditions in any way.

And the gambling is almost certainly tourist only, as are many of the restraunts, hotels, and attractions in that town.