In need of inspiration...

That’s right, folks. I need inspiration. My comedy supplies have been sucked dry by the Sagas, FF Break Room, and the rest of my humor fics. Also, I’m STILL trying to find another game with enough darkness in it to write a horror fic, and I can’t last long enough for Deus Ex 2 to come out.

sigh Times are tough.

Gallo. Two words.

Vagrant Story.

Trust me.

And if you don’t, just take a look at Sidney Losstarot, the villain(?):

See that armor he wears on his arms? That’s not a shell… owww…

The game is action/horror/rpg and is mainly spent hunting this fanatic through the ancient city Lea Monde. And it has enough plottwists to have you shouting in fury at the end, with betrayal, walking dead (loads and loads of those), murder and all the other good stuff.

I’ve hunted for Vagrant Story for some time now. The only times I find it are when my wallet is empty. That’s why I haven’t EVER been able to play it. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Dammit :confused: I’m sorry to hear that, Gallo :frowning:

EDIT: Well, dunno if this helps, but…

Amazon has it?

Parasite Eve. Depending on how you write it, it can be scary… Though I never played them all the way through. You could also try another genre that you haven’t really touched. That could be challenging enough.

Why don’t you try writing something about people who get out of control with their inner selves and start going crazy?:slight_smile: Just think of the possibilities! Add an occasional crossover, a few tons of exlposives and special effects, some magic and sugar, and KAZAAM! A masterpiece will be born from your hands! (Popcorn not inculded. Side effects may be severe. Big Bad Boss not necessarily required.)

Read some of Eger Allen Poe’s poems. Thoes stories are some pretty dark stuff. I also suggest reading some other fics. Maybe they’ll intrege you to write something…:kissy: