In Need of Assistance

I need to find a game that reminds you of playing the originally Dragon Warrior/Quest

Breath of Fire 1 and 2.

Especially the first one. The second is more developed.

I’d also say the first Final Fantasy and FF:Mystic Quest (no free overworld though). Other close games could be Lufia 1 for all the wandering and dungeon-crawling and grinding (and smiting the air when someone already killed the enemy you selected to hit), which are a big part of the game, and perhaps Paladin’s Quest for the gameplay, though the setting is more than a generic backdrop for the action.

Any dragon quest game or specifically dragon quest 1?

Playing Earthbound again recently (and now Mother 3 :D), I was struck by how much the battle system reminded me of Dragon Quest. Earthbound is a lot funnier though :slight_smile:

I double Lufia 1, that was extremely tedious like DQ1.