In memory of his death

In memory of Owen Hart’s death 8 years ago today:

Why didn’t The Godfather pin Owen after his accident?

The match was scheduled for one-fall.

(I’m such a bad person)

And this board has hit a new low.

Well, because they didn’t ring the bell yet obviously.

PS: RIP Owen

You’re so going to hell for that, ha.
Say hi to my friend’s grandma; she swears that’s where she went when she died, and that’s why my friend wants to get into heaven… to be as far away from her as possible.

You’re a horrible, horrible person. :frowning:

RIP Owen.

Hey. Don’t make me kick your leg out from under your… leg.


Just for this occasion I am reviving one of my older avatars.
I miss you bro.

“I don’t need you with a bad leg doin it Bret, you’re too damn selfish! And that’s why you’re sitting there with a bad leg, and that’s why i kicked your leg… outta your leg!”

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8 years? Wait a couple. It’s more significant.

RIP nonetheless. He was a great performer, annoying as fuck Heel, and had some of the worst mic skills I’ve ever seen in my life. He was unique.

I hope he checks this message board. :smiley: D:


I was never a fan of westling (and I’m still not). However, anyone who could still look manly while making a career out of the male equivalent of ballet, and sporting hot pink leotards deserves some recognition somewhere.