In Honor Of...

In honor of the Agora restoration
In honor of 10,000 posts
In honor of eight years of Neo-RPGC
In honor of homicidal bunnies
In honor of fucking sheep
In honor of luxurious hair
In honor of Green Rangers
In honor of Hitler

I give to you…

Sinistralian Delight.


I…is that blood on our logo? Sin! What have you done!?

I… am totally using this theme. Even though it’s just Soylent Green with Yellow Borders.

What would it take to get you to make a Hades Theme? You could base it on Samurai and Tanks. You know you want to. I know you know.

Ooooh, so that’s what it is. >.> And wow, I didn’t know there were sekkrit smilies! Using the sekkrit Bunny Sin smily in the bloody logo would’ve made for an even more disturbing sight!

Eh. There’s more differences than that. Not counting the gray or the pure black background, the greens are actually different. Soylent Green has a more muted green. Sinistralian Delight is a richer green derived from True Green. Plus the custom logo.

Yeah. I guess Merlin’s head on a sword isn’t disturbing enough.

Bunny Sin?



:fakagon: You forgot lampshades and Janet Reno in that intro. :smiley: DIAPY!

Just teasing, you did good. :slight_smile:

You forgot the Lesbian Lab Rats. :wink:

So in what situations is the Sinistral smilie appropriate?

Holy Christ, and in trying to find it, I found :gaybear: o_O

I think you can ask that about a good number of smilies. :chupon:? :moogle:? :ulty:? :suckah:?

984: :moogle: is clearly for when one is excited.

:chupon: and :ulty: Seem like “durr” type smilies for me.

:suckah: is just… IDK. He’s a generic Mr. T type person from Earthbound. Don’t ask me. :fakagon:

This is the hottest thing since schoolgirl Sin.

Seriously, I am very aroused right now.

New smiley idea?



984 : :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thanks again

What a pleasant background. I may take a few days of break from Tutti Frutti for this.

I don’t think he wants to.