In Honor of the Convention

In honor of the Democratic Convention, I bring to you a new style… Yellow Dog Democrat! It’s rather yellow. Have fun, and Ori, no complaining about Tutti Fruity.

Ew… it looks like someone puked up a large about of bananas.

That’s cold man.

Real cold.

Omg I love it. The blue skin is worse on my eyes than this.

It makes everyones posts so happy!

Takes a little getting used to, but Eva’s right. Everything’s so cheerful.

Oh man, I love these colors. I’m sticking with it.

It’s so… yellow… O_o

I’m using it, for now, but I’ll be back to blue soon.

It’s like sunshine on my eyes! It hurts :frowning:

I’d put that to the test if I didn’t think it would result in broken kneecaps at some point in the future.

Yay! I guess. :thinking:

Holy mother of Christ. It makes me want to destroy the sun.

Best style ever.

Eww. Yellow.
I don’t like yellow!

mog where are you! i cant see you in all this yellow.

hey where did my megaphone and my hat go?

I love it, but it did hurt my eyes at first.

It is nice,I’m definetly not going to use it,but nice.At least it doesn’t hurt the eyes as much as the frutty colors.

Tutti Fruity was better.

984 is due for anal raping for making baby Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Mary and God cry.

What he said. Ouch ::doh::