In honor of Rocktober

Response in haiku
The poet inside me rox
All of Rocktober

(All of October I shall only respond to threads in haiku form. Starting now.)

Well then Shinobu.
I think that this point of view.
Will result in death.*


You can blame yourself.
And with these recent events.
This is now a war.

A Haiku war? Oooh.
Bring it on then, Shinobu.
For I can rhyme too.

What the hell is this?
You guys are fucking stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
Not really, jk

Actually, it’s gonna be a little wierd to stumble upon haikus as a response to certain threads. Though I look forward to it.

I was not aware.
Now I am conscious of the fact.
But do haikus rhyme?

Oh no, you did not.
Do not fuck with a fucker.
I will kill you Cro.

The challenge is brought.
Can Cro fuck with the fucker?
My money’s on Shin.

Not always Cala.
Rarely, in fact. But they can.
It’s just pretty hard.

You all suffer from Yellow Fever.

This is fun and cool.
But methinks we ruin Shin’s fun.
It is his idea.

But Shinobu sucks.
Sucks the cock, to be precise.
So yay to ruin!

Urkani! You whore!
Racist phrases are not nice!
Racists go to hell!

How on earth
do you go about
writing haikus?

If you mean how to
Then I will show you how to
Starting now…who…who!

All Haikus have three lines each verse, the first and last line have 5…clap sounds(I can’t spell sylables…you know) the the middle part will have seven.

End of lesson Young GrassHopper.

Well this is rather strange
Threads dedicated to poems
Then again I’m bored

Bored is so boring
I’m glad I’m not bored like you
I just love Haiku.

Why Rocktober rocks,
It has my birthday in it,
That is why it rocks.

Mine is too, woo who
Rocktober r0x my s0x0rs
I’ll be eleven

That too is good ki,
One year older, more mature,
Hopefully less bombs.

I do not use bombs
I use a big Bazooka
I fire only sometimes(Sorta)