In Half Life 2...

Little eyes float everywhere, take pics and flash you to blind you. I can imagine such surveillance and combat support units to exist in 50 years.,1280,-4842938,00.html

…creepy. o.o

Too bad they’re easily defeated by the assorted milk jugs and crates laying around nearby.


Reminds me of the Cyphers in MGS2, which actually do exist.


And crowbars :smiley:

Too bad they’re easily defeated with Snow 9 =P

You could easily make things interesting:

-include a self destruct that would blow up enough C4 to kill the assailant
-video capture the assault itself and send it to HQ
-GPS to inform people of where the “unidentified person of interest” is with utmost specificity.

Robotics would allow searches to be conducted extremely easily and with minimal loss of life. I’m just surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

wow, something tells me i’ve barely gotten from the beginning of half life 2.