lets talk about anime that sucks on this thread

How about Inuyasha…that’s a pretty suck-ass anime. I hate it because it’s an anime based on the premise of young girl(Kagome) falls in love with strange humanoid(Inuyasha) who is trying to get crystals(FF, anyone?) and save the world from Demons(even though he himself is a demon, with good intention) while carrying a sword that prevents his demon transformation and is rivals with his brother(Sesshomaru). And I only know all this crap because one of my ex-roomies used to watch this every night and this is what I had to deal with after work.

Ooh, thats easy

All dubbed anime
all anime on cartoon network
all anime on WB
all anime on Fox Box

Dragon Ball/Z/GT/ABC/XYZ

Not very close minded are we?

Anyway, lets look at how everyone picks on Inu Yasha, ok, it does not deserve the mass following that it has (whoptie doo) you could all say the same about FF7!

It has a stupid main character with spikey hair and a big sword (cloud) who falls in love with some innocent [STRIKE]slut[/STRIKE] flower girl whom happens to be the last of an ancient race who are the only ones that can save the world yadda yadda yadda. The main character isnt really who he thinks he is and ends up chasing around this [STRIKE]pretty boy[/STRIKE] bad guy with a bigger sword just to find out that gasp the villan wasnt ever really walking around but instead pussy chained up in some chunk of ice! Yayz, now the final fight and lots of melodrama then BOOM world esploded.

anyway… I’m trying to prove a point here. Inu Yasha has some aspect of it that pulls people in, we may not all feel that it does but the proof is in the fanboys and girls who flock to conventions dressed as that white haired dog-boy. At least it has a story that will eventually get to a reasonable point. Unlike things like pokemon, yu-gi-oh, and “collect-battle” animes where the point is for So-and-so suck ass trainer to become TEH BEST EVAR~!

If I was going to rag on an Anime for the mass attention that it DOES NOT deserve, I’d look to Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of those “Collect > Train > Battle > Repeat” animes that KIDS in japan like, yet ADULTS in america cream over (fucking rednecks in kentucky set up Yu-g’yo stands everywhere)

Oh, I’m very open minded. I love a wide variety of subtitled anime, from Digi Charat to Akira, From Ebichu to Noir.

The Escaflowne movie. There was that totally kickass scene in the beginning on the airship, and a decent giant mech-thingy battle at the end, but everything else was crap.
Yu-Gi-Oh also deserves mention due to the spending half the episode explaining what each individual card does, even if we’ve seen it in every other episode. If you can’t figure out what “Monster Reborn” does anyway, you’re an idiot.

I think the whole Yugioh Duel Monsters concept was pretty stupid in the first place. Most of the video games regarding Duel Monsters are also crappy. I have no idea how it succeeded in the first place when Japan could have just played Magic The GAthering (a much better game IMO).

What is even worse is Duel Masters. pukes That show is one of the worst I saw in a while.

Ragnorak the Animation is also really bad. It is really corny. The korean manga is so much better.

YES! :booster:

Dunno, I’ve been reading Inu-Yasha before it was even an anime, maybe thats why I like it. The manga is a bit more, well, gory.

I personally think that Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, Crush Gear, Beyblade, Let’s Go! (not sure about the title, but its about kids and model car racing), etc, etc, etc… suck…

Although I do find Pokemon and Digimon to be somewhat tolerable, and I somehow don’t dislike Super Yoyo at all…

So wait, you dont like the “collect>train>battle” animes yet you have a pokemon avatar???

Anyone who compares Inuyasha to FF7 is not a member of the human race.

I actually like Inu Yasha. It’s an old-style anime, of those that last for years and you could just miss several episodes and still be able to follow the story. Okay, it doesn’t have a revolutionary plot, not by far, but it has enough random crap and gratuitous humor to fit the “nice” category.

The absolute crappiest anime IMO is Pokémon. The fact that it is so fucking long without having anything that even remotely resembles a plot is a crime to humanity. The whole thing is intended just to show the cute little monsters to children but how longer do they plan on keeping it up? They’re cute, we get it. MOVE ON.

Digimon wasn’t all that bad. It had an actual plot (Again, nothing great but passable) and you actually got to see some of them die and have murderous psychopathic impulses, and that has to be a plus.

It was more to prove a point that the argument against it was rather stupid. Fans will follow somthing they love. WHY they love it may baffle many of us. I personally dont see why people can’t get over FF7 but I’m not saying it SUCKS because of the fans…

At the very least just say the following:

Inu Yasha (and FF7) doesnt suck… THE FANS DO

The same could be said of FF8. The number of people with SQUALLS_GIRL or some variant of it as their screen names really is alarming. Mind you, I’m no fan off FF8.

As for anime, Yu Yu Hakusho isn’t too bad, but the dubbing on Kwabara is horrendous. He sounds like he’s 30 years old.

I generally do not like those collect/battle/trade animes. Pokemon is okay but I do not waste time on watching it.

I will admit I enjoyed Pokemon Ruby game a lot, though.

I also wanted to say the Plot was convoluted and unoriginal, which I thought my argument summed up. I spelled out bits of the plot for people, as well as the cliches.
But I see how you could have missed the point. Also, last night while I was trying to type more on that argument, my Laptop kept scrolling my cursor to some random spot which would mess up what I was originally typing (See my response in main forum to Setz’s hair color post) so I Finished it where it was.
And the only FF reference I made was about the unoriginality of the Crystal theme(Which by the way is not a part of FF7’s storyline)

You’re absolutely Goddamn right about that. Inuyasha as I’ve said about a million times before, is an over cliched anime with an unoriginal plot, where FF7 is a classic RPG(in the sense that it broke the barrier for the post 16 bit era) With a decent storyline and Overrated characters(IMO).

The majority.

which I stated almost a year ago

what in fucks name posseded you to like Pokemon?