In case you missed it

<a href=“”>Arafat is dead!</a>

I mean, <a href=“”>some cool movies of the PSP</a>. Now if only it had a battery life worth mentioning…

Yea…too bad it <i>sucks</i>.


Isn’t the battery life around 2 hours or something?

Yes. It does.

Arafat what now?

Two fucking hours? That’s only enough to get trough a game’s intro nowdays.

Because I didn’t say it before.

Goodbye Arafat . You will be missed. :wave: :thinking:

Or a launch price worth affording. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or games worth- wait.

I think it must get pretty hot too after a few minutes. That much processing in such a small device.

And a motor. Seriously, did they think the idea of making it disk based through? I mean, all of these issues stem from the stupid UMD.

The now removable battery is supposed to give it a longer life span or something. Developers are working on the battery life as well.

Ah, yes. Release the thing, THEN think about the bugs. Now they are implementing it with hardware too.

Let’s hope for the newfound possibility of peace.

I can’t wait to play Magic: The Gathering with Solid Snake

Nah. Sony just told game makers that the battery life is their problem, and that it is their fault if the games shorten the battery life by accessing the disk to much.

Which is the real reason MGS:AC!D is a card game. A real MGS game would access the disk way to much and kill the battery life.

Yeah, thats what I meant by developers working with it. Guess I should’ve made that clear.