In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night...

Fans of Green Lantern rejoice: There’s not one but TWO GL movies coming soon!

The first is an animated movie (on DVD): GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT. Trailer here:

Also, the long-stalled Live Action Green Lantern movie is now in production. Casting is going on right now.

Both projects star the Hal Jordan GL. John Stewart did a great job in Justice League, but Hal is ultimately THE Green Lantern.

Btw, for those who don’t know, the full Green Lantern oath is:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship Evil’s might
beware my power- Green Lantern’s Light!

Damn, that rocks. :smiley:

You know in the comic when Green Arrow got a ring and found out that every time a Green Lantern used their power it stabs searing hot pain into their brain? I hope they don’t do that in the movie.

Of all the superpower weaknesses, the Green Lanterns had the weirdest ones that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, even in the comic. I mean, yellow and wood?

Wood at least was because the first ring was magical. Yellow, however, was eventually explained by the Parallax entity being trapped in the Oa battery, causing a weakness to yellow because Parallax himself was yellow. I dunno all the details.

As it stands now, I think GL’s only true weakness is the 24-hour rule.

Bah, that was one writer posturing ZOMG USING THE RING IS SO HARD! Funny how nearly anybody -even the ridiculous G’nort- can use the rings with no problem.

Of all the superpower weaknesses, the Green Lanterns had the weirdest ones that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, even in the comic. I mean, yellow and wood?

Ok, it goes like this:

Green Lantern’s original power (from the 1940’s) was that it could control metal. Seriously. Therefore, it wouldn’t affect wooden things. They soon expanded it to do almost anything, but they needed a limit, so they stuck with wood.

The Silver Age Green Lanterns were godlike from the start, but they also needed a weakness, so they came up with “the power battery needs yellow impurities to work, so its energies cannot affect anything yellow.” I always wondered why the COLOR rather than the COMPOSITION of the impurities mattered…

This has been retconned twice. First they said that the Guardians of the Universe arbitrarily decided that the rings needed a limitation (to keep GLs from being corrupted by the power) and just chose the color yellow. No word on why they specifically chose that. Or why they lied to the Lanterns about it.

Recently it was changed to say it was because the Guardians had trapped Parallax (a “yellow fear demon”) inside the main power battery. Again, no logical explanation of how that works or why they didn’t tell anybody…

Currently they have no weakness except for running out of energy (which depends on use rather than arbitrarily cutting off at precisely 24 Earth hours.)

Note, btw, that (contrary to the Brave & The Bold episode with the Green Lanterns) the rings do NOT need an oath to recharge. The oath is just a tradition. Though it serves to measure how long it takes for the ring to charge (that is, by the time you finish the oath the ring is fully charged.)

And it sounds damn cool. :wink:

Wasn’t the oath made up by the first Green Lantern, and intended to be a timing device in the first place?

I haven’t read the comics, but I heard that somewhere and it makes sense to me.

Me hopes its the WHITE green lantern and not the bl-… african american one.

The first Green Lantern had an oath too (a different one). Don’t know if it was for timing the charge or just for effect. It went:

“And I shall shed my Light over Dark Evil,
for Dark Things cannot stand the Light.
The Light of the Green Lantern!”

Not bad either. :wink:

The Silver Age Green Lantern made up his own oath. It turned out that some of the alien Lanterns (but not all) also had their own Oaths (I guess just wearing a Power Ring makes you feel reverent. :stuck_out_tongue: ) AFTER Jordan became the most famous Lantern in the universe, most of the Corps adopted his oath to honor him. Copycats! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, right now DC has SIX different types of Green Lantern corps (one for each color) after deciding that the color green represented “Will” and the Sinestro’s yellow ring represented Fear. That’s right, it’s THE MOOD RING LANTERN CORPS! (Red: Anger, Orange: Greed, Blue: Hope, Purple: Love.) Yes, SERIOUSLY. Oh, and there’s a big storyline coming up titled “Blackest Night” where the Black Lantern Corps is introduced… and its composed of UNDEAD superheroes (Black = Death?) My guess: the six corps will join forces to beat them, at some point merging all their energies to create… THE WHITE POWER!! I can almost bet money on it.

Yeah, I was thinking of something like that, 98. Though DC will probably find some other name for it precisely to avoid offending some people’s “sensibilities.” White Light would work.

Personally, I find the whole “Power Rangers” approach to the GL Corps to be silly and that it dilutes what made the original Corps unique. (I’m also pissed off that the Green Lanterns only beat the Yellow ones because the Guardians removed the “no killing” restriction from the Rings- can you think of a more blatant way to say “IDEALISM SUCKS”?) Also, the Black Corps is going to be composed of currently dead SUPER HEROES like Aquaman and the Superman of Earth 2 (yes, they are currently dead, along with many other heroes- DC has been killing them wholesale the last few years.) To add insult to injury, they’re making them zombies now. The ONLY way I would forgive them is if the White Light (Which logically would embody “Life”) ends up resurrecting them all. But I don’t trust DC much these days. We’ll see.

You mean it won’t be captain planet?

I hope the villain in the movie is a lemon tree.

The only weakness John Stewart had: Old yeller :wink:

Can’t wait for the movie.

Heck yeah! I want to see a Green Lantern movie… just hope they do it well.