In A World Without Voiceovers...

One man…will be remembered forever.

Don LaFontaine, AKA That Movie Trailer Voice Guy, dead at 68.


“In a time, when magic was dead…”

Sigh. I shall miss you, you crazy man who was happy to parody himself.

oh man, this guy was unique, it will take a long time for someone to fill his shoes.

Damn, what next? All the people I really like lately seem to be dropping like flies.
Saw this at work this afternoon, and I was a bit saddened. I’m almost lost as to how you can have a good trailer without him providing a voiceover… (it’s possible, but rarely happens because of how good he was)

Now who’s gonna do the voiceover work?
They better build him a damn good memorial or something.

Morgan Freeman will just narrate more now.

Only 4 guys left now.

They need to find a big guy with a really deep voice and make him smoke 50 packs of cigarettes a day. Even then, it’ll be hard to find someone with a voice/persona like that. :frowning:

Holy shit, I just saw the Geico commercial with him in it! Damn, the movies will never be the same…RIP

…Ahh, crud, another dude died…I need something to forget this event. goes and watches Wizard of Oz

Okay, I feel better now…Still sad that he’s dead…Ahh crud >_< goes to watch Little Mermaid to get his mind off of it