Important Message

Dear Detroit Red Wings Fans,

You suck.

Love, Mike.

Why is that Hades?

Detroit lost to St Louis and that’s a riot. I make fun.

I bet if they had Katana’s they’d have won, huh Hades? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, the old jokes are still the best…

I don’t know. It all depends on their katanahandling. >_>;;

lol hockey sucks canada loses

God damnit Pittsburgh

why don’t you go suck their big thobbing man-members and maybe they won’t lose next time huh hades what do you say to that sir

That never worked for me.

Shouldn’t you like a Canadian team since you hate the USA so much? Oh wait, we took your best one, BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Actually, BM, we took the shitty one and MADE it into a good team.

And then we took a mediocre team and made it shitty. I guess it kinda balances out. Maybe.

<a href=“”>Katana</a>

I don’t like the Blues. It’s a riot that they beat Detroit because they’re the worst team in the league and Detroit is supposed to be the best.

They won too much way back in the day, so i stopped watching them, so i havent the slightest clue on their performances.

Message taken into consideration. Thank you.

Know what was funny? A few years ago, Detroit was playing Vancouver, and was up 4-3 near the end of regulation. Bertuzzi shot, but the goalie deflected it to the corner. Or, tried to. The puck hit the referee’s skate and bounced to Naslund, who scored. Vancouver then went on to win in overtime. Goal by Naslund, assist by referee.

(Of course, since this was in Detroit, the ref was probably shot after the game.)

I should have posted a thread about the Green Bay Packers beating the Atlanta Falcons

Don’t get me wrong… I’m a big redwings fan… But the reason they’re good is because they buy off the good players. Enough said.

On a second note… what’s with Yzerman having a furniture line? I mean, seriously.

Really, thats odd. I mean i can understand NBA players having their own shoes and stuff, but furniture…sounds like a cry for help if you ask me…if if you dont ask me, i still think its a cry for help.

Yzerman has…a furniture line? ROFL! when did this happen?
also, how is that a cry for help? he captains the team with possibly the best hockey history.