Important information.

You suck.

That is all.

You wish.

You are aware that if an Admin sees this thread, it will more than likely be regarded as :spam: .

Place odds on Paypal
5-1: Admin thinks this thread is :spam:
10-1: No more than twenty posts in this thread
20-1: Admin will lock this thread once it starts to offend people

I ain’t bothered by it, I’ve seen threads like this at a few other BBSes(and every one of them got locked for being :spam: my

No. It is you, Phoerret, who is the suckiest suck who ever sucked.

This isnt spam, this is high quality conversation. You suck Phoerret.

I know I suck, but I have standards, and low as they may be, you’re beneath them. Sorry.

And how would you know this? Now answer the following question, and give sources

And you came upon this revelation how?

There is no following question, thus I cannot answer. My sincerest apologies.

We actually rock SO MUCH that your feeble mind can’t grasp the mere concept of how awesome we are. Thus, it comforts itself by thinking of us as sucking.

Note that this is the very same story I use when people mistakingly assume my wang is tiny.

Ah, TD, telling tall tales, are we?



Well if it isn’t another teenager, taking out their anger on ‘faceless’ people over the internet.

I must admit however, that this has to be the most original form of insult I have seen in a long while. [/sarcasm]



Indie sucks, hardline sucks, emo sucks… YOU SUCK!

Why yes, yes I do. :wink:

And we’re good at it.

I swallow too.

Ayup! Me too!