IMPORTANT! Considering Summoned Creatures...

Well, I am not that good at describing Summons, so can you people PLEASE help me…

I have created a Table-Top conversion of every-FF-in-one, so I would like to hear from you guys all Summoned Creature Attacks in existance… <yes, even those from the same creature but in another game>

I know it’s a lot to ask, but a couple of 'em are enough. If everyone contributes, this can function as the Summoned Creature Compendium or something…

So please, I beg of you… Help out this in need… :mwahaha: in need…

Shiva- Diamond Dust
Ifrit- Hellfire

Grr I haven’t played my FF’s in awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

Carbuncle - Ruby Light
Alexander - Holy Judgement
Bahamut - Mega Flare
Leviathan - Tsunami
Quezacotl - Thunder Storm

Those are all I can remember off-hand . . .

Odin- Steel Bladed Sword and Grunge Lance

Choco/Mog- Deathblow/Fat chocobo
Kjata- Tetra Disaster
Neo Bahamut- Giga Flare
Bahamut ZERO- Tera Flare
Valefor- Energy Beam (I think. We’re talking overdrive here, btw)
Anima- Oblivion (honourable mention goes to Pain)
Yojimbo- Daigoro/???/Wazikashi/Zanmato

plenty more but that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

:moogle: Knights of the round: Ultimate end,
Choco/mog:Chocobo rush/fat chocobo. :moogle:

Ramuh - Bolt Fist(FF6)/Judgement Bolt (FF7)
Ixion - Thor’s Hammer
Magus Sisters - Delta Attack (I think)
Odin - Zantetsuken/Gunge Lance
Gilgamesh - Zantetsuken/Masamune/Excalibur/Excalipoor
Golem - Earth Wall
Maduin - Chaos Wing
Shoat - Demon Eye
Starlet - Group Hug
Tritoch - Tri-Dazer
Hades - Black Cauldron
Phoenix - Phoenix Flame
Titan - Anger of the Land
Leviathan - Tidal Wave (FF7)
Brothers - Brotherly Love
Diablos - Dark Messanger

That should be plenty for ya.

Adrammelech : …
Alexander : Judgement/Holy Judgement
Angelo : Angelo Rush/Angelo Recover/Angelo Reverse/Angelo Search/Angelo Cannon/Angelo Strike/Invincible Moon/Wishing Star
Anima : Pain/Oblivion
Ark : Eternal Darkness
Ashura : …
Atomos : G-Force 199
Bahamut : Aura/Rend/Impulse/Mega Flare/Sun Flare
Bahamut ZERO : Terra Flare
Bismark : Sea Song
Bomb : (Exploder)
Brothers (Sacred & Minotaur) :Brotherly Love
Cactuar : 1000 Needles
Carbuncle : Ruby Light/Ruby Power/Diamond Light/Emerald Light/Pearl Light/Healing Ruby/Poison Nail/Shining Ruby/Glittering Ruby/Meteorite/Shearing Light
Cerberus : Counter Rockets
Catoblepas/Shoat : Demon’s Eye
Chicobo : Choco Fire
Choboco : Stumble/Escape/Chocobo Kick
Choco/Mog : Deathblow!!
Chubby Chocobo/Fat Chocobo Chubby : Chocobo/Fat Chocobo
Cocatrice : (Petrify)
Crusader : Purifier
Cyclops : …
Diablos : Dark Messenger
Doomtrain : Runaway Train
Eden : Eternal Breath
Exodus : …
Fairy : …
Famfrit : …
Fenrir : Moonsong/Millenial Decay 1000 Year Gust
Fenrir & Titan : Terrestrial Rage
Garuda : Claw/Whispering Wind/Hastega/Aerial Blast/Predator Claw
Gilgamesh : Excalibur/Excalipoor/Masamune/Zantetsuken
Goblin/Imp : (Goblin Punch)
Golem : Earth Wall
Griever : Shockwave Pulsar
Hades : Black Cauldron
Ifrit : Recovery/Flames of Fury/Hell Fire/Inferno/Flames of Hell/Meteor Strike/Punch/Burning Strike/Double Punch/Crimson Roar/Flame Crash
Ixion : Aerospark/Thor’s Hammer
Jecht : Almighty Jecht Shot
Kirin : Life Guard
Kjata : Tetra Disaster
Knight of the Round Table : Ultimate End
Leviathan : Stony Glare/Tempest/Big Wave/Tidal Wave/Tsunami/Baracuda Dive/Tail Whip/Slowga/Spring Water/Spinning Dive
Lich : …
Maduin/Madeen : Chaos Wing/Terra Homing
Mage (Mind Flayer) : (Mind Flare)
Magus Sisters (Cindy, Sandy, Mindy) : Camisade/Razzia/Passado/Delta Attack
Mateus : …
Minimog : …
Mist Dragon : …
Moomba : …
Moogle : …
Neo Bahamut : Giga Flare
Odin : Barrier/Sword Cut/Zantetsuken/Gungnir/Atom Edge
Palidor : Sonic Dive
Pandemona : Tornado Zone
Phantom : Fader
Phoenix : Fire of Ressurection/Rebirth/Phoenix Flame/Rebirth Flame
Quezacotl : Thunder Storm
Ragnarok : Metamorph
Raiden : True Edge
Ramuh : Mind Blast/God’s Thunder/Heaven’s Rage/Bolt of Judgement/Bolt Fist/Shock Strike/Thunder Spark/Rolling Thunder/Lightning Armor/Chaos Strike
Remora : Latch On
Salamander : …
Seraphim : Reviver
Shiva : Hypno Beam/Icy Glare/Heavenly Strike/Diamond Dust/Gem Dust/Axe Kick/Frost Armor/Sleepga/Double Slap/Rush
Siren : Hope Song/Silent Voice
Starlet : Group Hug
Stray Cat (Caith Sith) : Cat Rain
Syldra : Thunder Storm
Sylph : Whispering Wind
Terrato : Earth Aura
Tiamat : Dark Flare
Titan :Punch/Kick/Earthquake/Rage of the Earth/Anger of the Land/Rock Throw/Rock Buster/Megalith Throw/Earthen Ward/Earth Fury/Mountain Crash
Tonberry : Chef’s Knife
Tritoch : Tri-Dazer
Typhoon (Chupon) : Disintegration
Ultima : …
Unicorn : Heal Horn
Valefor : Sonic Wings/Energy Ray/Energy Blast
Yojimbo : Daigoro/Kozuka/Wakizashi/Zanmato

Yeah, but what do they all look like?
Sorry to sound so ingrateful, I’m very very thankful for all the work you’ve spent…

Oh, and to make it worthwhile, if you want, I can send the Table-top FF rules to those who want me to, after I test-played it in two weeks.

:moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

Bless the ff compendium.

There already is a tabletop FF (probably more than one).

FATE: You have got way too much time on your hands. And why did you put ones like “Jecht” in their, he is a summons but not one you can use.

:noway: oh wait Heaven’s Soldier, I didn’t write that all at once! It comes from a website that some of my friends are trying to make… that’s why there are Jecht and Griever in it. I didn’t even noticed that…

The FFCompendium should give you the info on what they look like, even if there’s already a table top RPG for FF already.

I agree completely. The attacks look cool and are very nice and pleasing to look at. E.g., I NEVER saw Eden’s Eternal Breath attack, and I heard it’s very cool…

Besides, if you truly are an FF fan, you’ll agree: you can’t have enough Final Fantasy.

It is way too frigging long

yeah but thats one of the best things about it.

Not the 15th time around, it isn’t. Never wondered why many KOR tactics for beating the weapons in FFVII say “summon the monsters then go and out on the kettle, run a bath, go on holiday”? :ah-ha!:

Yeah, I know it’s INCREDIBLY long, but it’s also one of the coolest attacks EVER!

And it’s long because it is suggested by the name: ETERNAL Breath…

There were only about 3 summons i used in FF8. Carbuncle, Cerebus, and Doom Train.