I'mma God Warrior

I think this woman was honestly mentally disturbed; perhaps some form of schitzofrenia or mild psychosis manifesting itself in religious metaphors. The same way some people become Obsessive Compulsive over religion (decompensating if they don’t pray one time a day for each book of the bible or something), she seems to have been psychotic.

Possibly a former alcoholic?

Sometimes “stupid as fuck” is a perfectly good explanation.


Five bucks against one that she reads Jack T. Chic’s tracts on a regular basis.

And since people are at analysing her:

I think that since she’s in bad shape and ain’t that good at mind too there aren’t many joyful things in life that she could do. No sports, no reading good books, no showing her body in the beach, etc. So she fills her miserable, empty life with whatever she can find. In this case it’s not religion that’s a problem, it’s the kind of person who gets into it and gives said religion a bad reputation.

If I looked like that, I think I’d find more solace in a bottle than I would in the bible.

Who the hell marrys someone who looks like that? Damn.

She seems pretty suprized to find out there are other religions.

Well obviously. Because she is right and everyone else is wrong. People are just too stupid to see how right she is. DUH :stuck_out_tongue:

This lady knows whats up!


Wait for it…

The Talking God Warrior Bobble-Head doll.

This talking bobblehead of the Crazy God Warrior say the following quotes:[quote]I don’t want someone with tainted… anything in beliefs, doing anything with my family!
Their entire house is darksided too!
Everything’s un-Godly!
Gargoyles!.. Psychics!
Get the hell out of my house- in Jesus’ name I pray!
I give it up to God I’m a GOD WARRIOR!
She’s not a CHRISTIAN!
She was tampering in darksided stuff!
This is tainted- I don’t want it. Whatever it is, it’s tainted!
.I want nothing. I want my God and I want my family!
I want NO Money!
What an adorable piece for the baby’s room! Having this keepsake in your home will ward off evil spirits. You’ll just want to smile everytime you look at it![/quote]

And BTW, seeing as how she actually autographed that photo with a smile, I think she was acting back in the show.

Holy shit, that link to the e-bay item made me laught out loud! hahahah holy shit. That’s the best bobble head ever!

The music on the site was catchy to.