I'mma God Warrior


Scary lady. ;-;

OMG I watched that show last thursday for the first time ever and it was solely to see how crazy she was. And wow, I mean wow. I’m gonna have to watch it again this thursday to see what happens because that woman is IN-FRIGGIN-SANE!

Same here, man. Same here.

o_o wow I don’t quite know what to say.

I saw it Thursday night too. That bitch and her fatass stampede posse (sp?) were hilarious.

The morning radio show I listen to got like 3 days worth of material out of those couple of sound clips. Then I saw the previews. Damn, she’s ugly. And stupid. “Get the hell out of my house, in Jesus name I pray!” You can’t curse and invoke God in prayer in the same sentence. That’s just wrong.

This makes me feel like washing my brain…

She is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen ever. She treats everyone like shit, including her family when they dont do what she wants. Then she goes and claims to be righteous and claims that she’ll save her soul by getting (and I quote) “the fuck away from this heathen shit” and go to heaven.

I want to punch this woman in the face. I’ve never wanted to hit any girl (besides Hades) before, but this woman deserves a right hook in the fucking mouth.

Feel free, but don’t be surprised if the bitch opens her mouth and you lose that arm >_>


What really got me was how malnourished her kids look and how goddamn fat she was.

Where is this from? I cant tell if its from some drama, or a recording of a real thing, or what.

Mental illness is a scary thing.

I remember seeing a commercial for some show with that fat lady screaming at her children. I remember it being on Fox for their “Wife Swap” show.

Typical Alabaman household.

Oh snap

If god cared, don’t you think he would’ve at least bothered to fix her teeth? She doesn’t need god, she needs a dentist.

A bullet is a terrible thing to waste…

…use a shovel.

I don’t think the tradjedy in our lives is proof that God doesn’t care. If believing in God and being good (as they say he wants it) bought your way out of sickness, abuse, poverty and death, people would do it for those benefits rather than for the sake of being good. Sort of like donating to charity for the tax breaks; okay for government, but not for God.


ya someone needs to knock her teeth back into place.