Imagine your stomach turning your lunch into cyanide.


That is just…terribly tragic. I should feel damned if it were my culinary blunder which caused such death and pain.

Good god…

Heads are going to roll for this. If you thought parents got angry when their children show violent tendencies while playing videogames then you haven’t seen anything yet.

uh, no duh “heads are going to roll for this”. 30 kids fucking died. that said, this isnt news.

That sucks. As far as I can tell it was just a culinary accident. That blows.

Indeed cassava is a very poisonous dish. You see the roots are ingrained into the earth and through them flows lethal arsenic, hence the reason for cooking it so long and at high temperature. Obviously it was not cooked well enough for long enough. The sad thing is this was entirely preventable.

Wow, 30 kids dying because of some idiot’s inability to properly cook isn’t news? Not to mention how you said it makes you look like an insensitive prick.

But yes, it’s very sad. I can’t even imagine something like that happening to a brother or sister if I had one that young.

Could’ve been worse. He could’ve managed yo turn something completetely harmless into a frenzy of toxins. Like I would have.

Oh my God.