I'm trying to make a song entirely on my computer.

I’ve… never played guitar.

well making music might be hard if you’ve never played guitar and are using guitar pro. If you’re good with sheet music, you can use NWC

If you’re going to make an album without instruments, don’t be weak about it and pussy it up with a computer. Do it the Manuel way: with some guy named Dave and a lot drugs.

I like putting in the notes manually, and making nice rhythms. :slight_smile:

You didn’t listen to the manuel way, did you?
The Manuel way is without any instrumentation other than synths and effects on their voices.

out of curiosity, if you can play the drums well, why don’t you just do that and find a guitar thing? is it just cuz you want to be able to say you did it all with your computer or what?


It’s a program using the old tracking/sequencing method.

Rule of thumb: Anything that’s a .wav file can be used as an instrument.

Find other .mod, .it, .s3m, .xm files all over the web and use the instruments provided in those songs so long as you give credit for them if the composer asks for it.

Hope this helps.

My band members and I decided to cancel the “using only the computer” thing. The first few songs were done on CPU though. They sounded like junk. So I will play drums and vocals, my friend, will play bass and vocals, my other friend will play guitar and vocals, and my girlfriend will play electric/acoustic guitar.

Oh, well that’s a shame. <!— lolsetz —>

Hmm…well that’s cool. i’m assuming you’ll be recoring through the computer though? my band is currently based in the lead guitarist’s basement. we record though his computer, and it’s not too bad i guess, but it would be better with a good computer (as opposed to a a year or two old) instead of that one. it doesn’t pick up as well as it should :frowning: got a name for the band?

Some members want some name, some want another name.

Originally, we were The Incurable Rage, but then changed to The Cannibal Gerbils. Now, it’s The Purgatories, but might change to A Sea of No Cares.

How about, Clever Name?

Or “The Quarrymen.”

Or how about the name we have now? =/