I'm trying to make a song entirely on my computer.

Well, my friends and I want to make a band, but the quirck is, we’re just using our computer, and voices. No actual instruments. For instance, I hummed the Metal Gear Solid theme, and put it into soundrecorder. I reversed it, added a lot of echo, and speedened it up. Then mixed it with itself half-waythrough, and repeat the previous step. I got a 6-second sound clip out of that, with basically a laser-noise getting louder on it’s own.

What I need, however, is a program. I don’t care what it is, as long as it can make guitar noises or drum beats. I need to make some more rhythm than just electronic shit.

I made a 100-second clip out of two 5-second sound files, and that 6-second sound file. I tried to sing, but it turns out my voice is not qualified. Is there any program to make noises from guitars and stuff? I mean, can I actually put in a sheet of notes, and it plays it?

Try to pirate a copy of Fruity Loops (or was it FruityLoops?) somewhere.

When I searched for it, I got FL Studio. Is this it?

Yeah. It should even come with a huge library of effects and sounds.

Yes, that’s it.
FL studio is a bit confusing at first, and might I suggest getting guitar pro 5.

Or you could, you know, stop shamming and learn an instrument. Just a thought.

Pshf. I can play the drums quite well, and I can do saxophone. But uh, this is about the computer.

Check out guitar pro. It has a lot of instruments in it. You can even export your files as midis and waves.

Check out cakewalk.com. It’s a company that makes software for just what you’re describing. You can download some trials there.

Lex, for Cakewalk; in the demo version of each product, saving is disabled. I cannot do anything if I can’t save.

Really? Sorry, I didn’t know about that.

Hmm … I’ve actually had an idea like that, except that I’d singlehandedly be doing, well, everything.

Hey, you could also use noteworthy composer. It’s not the best, but it’s okay, you have to put all the notes in manually, there’s no automatic stuff. If you do use that one, make sure you get the composer and not the… other one. I used to use something-Acid, it was the best, but it costs a lot of money.

Well, Noteworthy Composer, while good for making actual musical scores, is only good for musical scores; you can only make MIDI with it, and, um, MIDI has a bad track record as far as making realistic Distortion Guitar/Overdriven Guitar sounds.

Ooo, that’s where guitar pro comes in. It’s got this thing called an RSE for guitars and drums (realistic sound engine is what it stands for)
It’s not perfect, but it works really well.

Both NWC and Guitar Pro have limitations in that respect - they can’t do imitate well instruments that aren’t in their targetted range. NWC, for example, sucks at anything non-piano or non-string, and Guitar Pro sucks at most synth and classical things. FL Studios just has a much bigger range than either (and hence why it’s a much bigger install)

FL Studio is also far from easy for a beginner to use. Guitar Pro takes very little learning, and NWC is just sheet music, so think what you will of that.

So … FL Studio’s out. What about FLCL Studio? :smiley:

I like NWC, and I tried GuitarPro, but it didn’t make any sense.

If you’ve ever played guitar and looked at a tab, it makes perfect sense.