I'm sorry

A while back, i posted that american beer tasted okay…
Well, last night i had importer darker german beer.
I was so wrong, american beer IS horrible!

So all you non yankee’s on the forum, i salute you, your beer is, always has, and always will, be superior in every way to our american swill.

Now, the question is, what country has the best beer bar none?

Alcohol in general sucks.

I mostly agree. I think beer tastes horrible. Whenever I drink I just geta big glass of coke with about this | | much vokda in it. I don’t see how people can drink more than a few pints.

Probably… er… Ireland? Guiness is slightly less awful than most beer/lager (not sure which is which).

I had a Guiness once and it was pretty good.

Jah, beer takes getting used to, i used to not be able to drink a pint, yet now i actualy like the taste.

I may only be 14 but i’ve had my fair share of alcohol and I agree with pierson i think beer tastes bad but I’ll still drink it

Sound like alcoholism’s setting in =D

Not a big fan of drink nowadays (those of you from the chat will remember one incident which has prompted this change), but I liked beer over wine and champagne. I didn’t mind the taste much so long as it got me drunk. Hard alcohol is something I’ll never do straight, but I’ll mix it and drink it.

Drinking will kill me =(

My brother could probably tell you he did a school report on beers of the world.


Anyhows he buys rolling rock often or molson maybe?

I can’t handle the taste of beer. I rather drink hard alcohol.

I graded an essay comparing canned beer to bottled beer.

“hiccup” Me ain’t no alceholic “hiccup” u dont know nothing “hiccup” (Passes out on the floor) Just kidding but really I don’t drink that much

Eh… I’m sorry but I can’t stand the taste of beer. o.o; Same with pop… So I can’t mix with that. I don’t really have much besides Mike’s though. We sometimes have Vodka, but that stuff smells terrible.

POP you can’t stand the taste of pop whats up with that I can see the beer and vodka but pop I think pop is the best thing to drink ever POP POP POP POP POP POP POP (sounds like a popcorn bag)

Beer is made from pee!

Catboys are made of poo.

I can’t stand almost all beers. My favourite type of alcohol is most definately whiskey. Closely followed by irish cream and then in third place comes sherry. I usually just go for hard alcohol, I can’t stand those sissy alcopops either, they’re the spawn of satan.

Alcohol eh? Not an expert by any shot, but I’ve had some. I definitely prefer vodka (whatever flavor, but green apple is goooooooooooood) with Starbucks frappucino (that little milk-bottle thing). Just tastes good to me. Beer’s OK but I prefer wine over it. I remember we had a fridgeful of wine coolers and beer left over from a graduation party, and the wines were gone much faster than the beers.

Green apple vodka??? never heard of it i’ve heard of sour apple pucker and sour apple schnapps but never green apple vodka. but of course i live in the middle of nowere