I'm SICK of my computer

Check to see if the video card is inserted right also. If you moved your PC it may have come loose.

unplug your power supply from the motherboard there should be 2 connections but being as your computer is older its possible theres only one. The video card is a good suggestion assumings it is not integrated. If those dont work odds are you have a fried motherboard which sucks.

Your PC turning on with no video response is most definitely a problem with the video card or the wiring between the monitor and the card. Seeing as you seem to be comfortable with opening your machine, open it up and assure the video card is firmly seated. Put it back together and see if the monitor cord goes in without anything moving around. If nothing comes up still, assure your monitor isn’t garbage by testing on a friend’s monitor.

Also, if your computer is seven years old then it has to be using DDR-SDRAM. You should be able to buy a DDR400 chip for no more than 40 bucks which would give you 1GB.

If you’re going to buy a new PC, chances are if you buy one from a pre-built manufacturer you’re going to get a shit box. Half the manufacturers don’t even know what the Windows OS they use requires so you get something that crashes all of the time to begin with and that is doomed to be slow. Build your own PC or find a manufacturer that does custom boxes.

Update: doing what my friend told me did the trick, my PC is back to its (crappy) working standards. However, a series of misunderstandings (long story, I’ll fill you people in later) resulted in my being without Net access FOR OVER A WEEK. ::dekar!:: I’m posting this from a friend’s house. Add to that the fact I don’t have Cable anymore either (dropped it to save money) and the last weekend has turned out to be VERY. BORING. indeed. :thud:

Anyway, I should have Net access in my house on Tuesday… and I’ll be ordering more memory for my PC soon afterwards. Here’s hoping…

Might want to get the browser protection features of Spybot; it’ll save you from doing this kind of thing too often.

I’M BACK!! BOOM, BABY!! :biggrin: Damn, I knew I would miss the Internet, but not THIS much!!

Anyway, what happened was that some sort of snafu over my phone number resulted in my not being warned by the Cable guy that he was coming to my house to install the Net service on Saturday, precisely the same day I was over AT the Cable Provider’s office returning the cable boxes (courtesy of my sister, who couldn’t afford to do it sooner) and since I wasn’t home the guy bumped me down his list, so it wasn’t until today that I got my net service installed. Typical luck for me. :thud:

Whatever. What Browser Protection are you talking about , Cless?

(Btw, I downloaded the latest IE and I’m using it in place f Firefox, just to see if it doesn’t crash.)

If you open up Spybot, it has a section called “Immunization” which blocks malicious scripts by informing your browsers about which ones to block.

Oh, that. Yes, I’ve used that feature sometimes. Question: does using it still erase any viruses found, or do I have to run Spybot again to do it? (I ask because spybot, while the best Antivirus I’ve had, is S-L-O-W and my PC slows down and sometimes crashes before it is done scanning.)

Using it doesn’t erase anything; it basically creates a blacklist that your browser will use to prevent further spyware from getting onto your computer through your browser. Running the immunization update once every few months is sufficient, because all you really need is for Spybot to get the latest blacklist and starting using it.

Spybot also has a main “scan for spyware” function; that’s probably the one you’re talking about. What I’m talking about is “immunization”, which is completely separate and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

Did you ever stop to think that your computer may be SICK of YOU?

Yep… :ulty::spam:

LOL, I can imagine that: "What are YOU complaining about?? I’m seven years old, you know how much is that in computer years?? Plus I survived a lightning strike! And you got me looking like a freakin’ jukebox!! Just get me replaced ALREADY, YOU CHEAP BASTARD!! :hahaha;

Update: I found the memory upgrade I need from Crucial.com, only for 43$! That includes shipping and handling as well! However, I don’t know if it includes any return warranties. I’ll try to find out and let you know…