I'm selling some Games...

I’ve hit a low point right now, and I’m selling some games.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - SOLD

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocture - Yes, you read that right. It’s the first printing of the game, but without the music CD, when I got it it didn’t come with it. Casing is also just slightly rough, disc is just fine.

Gradius V: I heard it’s kinda hard to come by. Casing is fine, disc is great (BLUE disc)

Xenogears (COMPLETE) - Only thing wrong with it is a small crack in the back of the case. NON GREATEST HITS.

Parasite Eve (DOES NOT CONTAIN BONUS 1998 COLLECTORS DISC) - Casing is a bit smugged and scratched, not too terrible. First disc a bit rubbed, still works fine. Second disc in great condition (owner before me must’ve not made it that far.) NON GREATEST HITS

Parasite Eve II - Just like above. I’m not sure what the original casing of PEII looked like, but it’s in the slim PS1 Casing, not the double like FFXI and Xenogears is packed with. Also has “Property of Blockbuster” on both discs…

Incredible Crisis - Strange gem to come across. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra did the soundtrack. Disc is fine, but case has pretty big crack on front.

Rhapsody (COMPLETE) - SOLD.

I’ve looked up on ebay for selling prices, will get crackin’ on estimates tommorow.

Anyone want to call dibs and give me an offer? Set something up?

I need the dough, desperate like.

I can also part with…

Dragon Quest 8
Parappa the Rapper 2
Guilty Gear X2 (Want a good bit for it, though…)
Guilty Gear Isuka
Gitaroo Man

Inquire within.

You don’t happen to have a copy of Fable; The Lost Chapters that you’d consider parting with do you?

If you’re talking about the Fable for PC, I more or less have it… it’s at a friends, and the box casing has been destroyed, but I can cut you a deal on the discs only.

Damn, the one time I don’t have access to a credit card, I really had hoped to get Xenogears too. Oh well.

I would like to call dibs on Shin megami Tensei: Nocturne. Will yuo accept check? Ic an do cash or credit instead, but I figure check is easiest.

I could probably set up something with a money-order. Checks are Welcome. Val, check your PM in a few minutes for more details.

Actually, I have a paypall account, but don’t know how to use it outside eBay. If there’s a way to do that through this, let me know. But until then checks will do.

Oh, before I make any deals, I’ll have photographs (if I can get ahold of a friends digital camera) ready. Want to make it legit as possible.

That’s funny, I just out of no where decided I wanted to buy Rhapsody and put a bid in on ebay. If I don’t win that auction on Saturday or if I get outbid before then I’ll buy it from you.

I’d like to put in for Disgaea. I should be able to pay you through Paypal, if that’s alright. I’d also like to be second for Nocturne, incase Val decides not to get it >_>

Done and done.

I don’t know how this usually works, do ya’ll send a check and then I sent the item, or is there some other sort of mumbo-jumbo that ensuse? Or can I just set something up on eBay where only the said purchesser can get the item?

Well, I know you can send money from one Paypal account to another, which is what I was going to do, but I dunno about setting anything up on Ebay. But we all trust each other, right?

Alright I already got outbid, I’ll buy Rhapsody from you.

How much do you want for Gradius V?

Paypal will do, then. I don’t know how to set up transactions and whatnot through it, though, gonna research it tonight.

I looked on ebay buy-it-nows. If I pay for the shipping and whatnot, I’ll offer it for $25.

As for Disgaea, someone’s offering buy-it-nows Sealed for around $36 total (with shipping.) I’ll offer it starting at $30.

Nocture… I got three people total right now interested. I’m seeing on buy-it-now Ebay without soundtrack with everything else for $65 w/shipping. I’ll start it out at that.

If anyone has ever done Paypal to Paypal transactions, let me know, 'cause I’ve ebay a good bit before, but never had to soley deal with Paypal.



edit Just saw the Gradius offer… ebay buy-it-nows are few and far between. I found used going up for $45. I’ll let it go for $40.

I’ll just send you some money and trust that you’ll mail the game, it’s no big deal to do, I just need the email address you have linked to paypal.

Eagle has landed.

I’ll ship Monday when I have my paycheck for the week in.

Thanks for your business!

What’s you Paypal so I can send you the money?

Sending PM

Still need that address to send you money.

I just looked at the eBay completed auctions for Gradius V, here are the final prices (w/o shipping) the game sold for:

$34.99 (Buy it Now)
$20.00 (Buy it Now)
$34.95 (Buy it Now)
$25.00 (Buy it Now)

So, they sold for an average $23.74. The actual auctions sold for an average of $19.74, while the Buy it Nows sold for an average of $28.73. So I think I’ll pass.

Hey, Kagato? Quick question. I’ll happiuly by Shin megami Tensei for $65, but right now, I jsutr want to know, do you think, honestly, it’s worth anything close to that price?