I'm putting out an APB

for one “Charlemagne” otherwise known as “Face Mangler.” Find him and bring his carcass back here.


Can we know why? And what kind of reward do we get?

Oh, and Dead or Alive?

…Whats the Face Muncher Done this Time?

What do you want the carcass of Sexy Charlemagne the Pharoah Wizard, Merlin? What’s he done?

what’d he do?

CHAR!!! :eek: :frowning: goes out to search for him

Not to change the subject, but this MUST be said…

DT…avvie…secksay…dwaaahh… @_@

Why are we hunting Charl? Is it because he posted Matrix spoilers on the ToB?

pulls out a flamethrower

yeah, why are we hunting him?

Because it’s fun?

Some people ask “Why?”

I ask “Why not?” :o

Uhm guys? The icepick’s missing…

what if there isn’t any corpse left? I may have a little too much fun…

in my case, does his ashes count?

And EPL is Mercury because we all secretly hate Mercury and wish it would die.

he had been gone for a while, I just wanted him back to regale us all with his antics…not kill him ;_;

I’ve noticed that too, Merlin. The boards just aren’t the same without Charle around!

Yeah, it’s just too… sane.

This is going to be one of those things where everyone panics and starts a massive manhunt for Char but it’ll turn out he was in the garbage or sleeping under the couch all along.

Meh, good riddance