I'm probably the only one...

…but I personally think KOTOR SUCKS! (Yes, Knights of the Old Republic)

At its core, it’s NWN with Star Wars, and it doesn’t help that I personally hate Star Wars (Lucas is way way way overrated), but the system is extremely boring. The characters, while deep and developed, bore me at times (the only one who doesn’t is HK-something or other). The Light/Dark divisions were done better in Shin Megami Tensei, a game that is absolutely fucking older than KOTOR is. I never thought that I’d go against the majority as much as this, but christ on a stick, KOTOR IS BORING.

Hating SW is probably a massive part of it. :stuck_out_tongue: Personally, I loved the game, but yeah even the best of them have flaws.

I found the characters more annoying than boring, like Carth’s endless whining), and I admit I skimmed over Juhani’s backstory sections. I found Ordo and Jolee to be fairly interesting though. The thing I liked best about the characters was seeing them randomly interact with each other.

I haven’t played SMT, but the thing that really made the light dark system cool for me was that the dark side IS tempting. The dark powers were generally better, a lot of the good characters could be just plain annoying, and a lot of the time the dark way is just easier. I loved the way that played out.

You didn’t even mention the worst part, the system requirements. I’m sure for some of you here this was never a problem, but GOD this thing was a pain to get to run for me. Not to mention it runs super choppy on some computers.

I played KOTOR on the Xbox, so system requirements weren’t much of a problem.

Shin Megami Tensei’s system was simple. You could choose to be either light, dark, or neutral, and depending on which you are, you get a different ending/have to fight whole new bosses. It also affects monster compatibility (some demons won’t fight with you 'cause you’re too good/evil).

Already, the fact that you can be neutral is a lot better than just being light/dark (I wanted to make a neutral Jedi, but as soon as I heard you couldn’t, I was mostly like : “So what am I gonna play then?”).

As I said, it’s NWN+Star Wars, and even if I DID love Star Wars, that’d require I have liked NWN. The story (like the SW universe itself) is very subpar, and quite frankly, between playing KOTOR and sticking a fork in my eye…I’m hesitating on which is worse.

Strange, I hated NWN and loved KOTOR. Maybe it was because NWN emphasized the online component so much, whereas KOTOR didnt even HAVE online play.

I hated the one dimensional characterization in KOTOR. It sets up to be some great option as to whether you want to be good or evil, but in the end, it all comes down to one bullshit scene that railroads you into one of two abysmally melodramatic plots. Not only that, but for the most part, the support cast sucked almost as much as the hero’s back story. Jolee was a crazy old fart, and that was cool, and Ordo was a noble yet moral disturbing fellow that made me actually like hearing some of the back story, but otherwise… um yeah.

And furthermore, I found that the only way to make it through the ending level was to have a laser-focused character. About half the skills were made useless by the bash function and the little R2-D2 rip-off, so why again was I supposed to care at all about making a dynamic character, when it really came down to combat 9 times out of 10, and the remaining scenario could be dealt with by using the laser-focused NPCs.

I heard KOTOR was really good, friends have been asking me to play it alot, but wow. Maybe its because its the best STARWARS game? For the most part, the starwars games have blown hard, and this one was mediocre? Im based mostly off of hear say so I may be wrong.

But IS kotor the best starwars game youve played even though it sucked?

Nah, the games damn good on its own right, just that it doesnt seem to click with Delita. It had its flaws though, like the one how it all came down to combat eventually. The characters were rather interesting in my opinion, and the story had a gret twist along the way. The action, while plentiful, was fun.

I liked the game myself, a lot, but one part did disappoint me. The Force has pretty much degraded into a futuristic Good and Evil system, and it comes off as some new age philosophy. As a result, if you want to a Light Side Jedi you’ll do predictable things like Help the Poor, or Save the Alien from the Racist Human. It’s not much different from Baldur’s Gate or other Good-and-Evil based games.

Knights of the Old Republic doesn’t scuk! YOU SUCK!

Anway, it just had to be said somewhere in the thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…even if it’s wrong. :mwahaha: I’m just kidding, I guess it jsut didn’t mesh with you, but I still think that it is one of the best RPGs of recent years and definitely the best Star Wars game.

Wow Delita, I had a much different experience than you. I found most abilities to be very helpful and every character was pretty equal. I didn’t really have any preference as to who I used. I could use a droid, a human/wookie/twi’lek, or a jedi and it was fine.

Yeah, there’s a good chance my disenjoyment of the game had to do with the fact that it was motherfucking Star Wars.