I'm now a businessman

I’ve became an adult some 16 days ago, and already got something big. Got the notice a few minutes ago (yeah, my partners work during AM hours before sunrise sometimes). I’m now a proud Product Manager for a local company that develops software for malls, hospitals, factories, city & state governments etc. You get the size of this bizz.

I acknowledge that I got here because my family (beyond parents, I mean) has contacts in some big companies. But I’m also known in a lot of places as one of the best salesmen in the region, a.k.a. “the boy who can sell ice cubes to an eskimo”. They know that if I talk to the client, said client will beg for whatever product’s being sold.

So right now I’ve got a few tasks to do (given by my employer): assemble a set of business cards, get an office table and new ties (I used to hate them, but now I can kinda wear them without cussing), familiarize with the contract models the company works with, and then before New Year I’ll be seeing people from the state’s biggest mall and a rice industry that has some factories around. I’ve already got a couple of Nokia 3120 and priviledged access to the company’s LAN to start assembling my duties.

This won’t make me rich in a blink but at least I’m settled in a position that’s usually occupied only by people, like, decades older than me. And I’m doing something that I enjoy. As soon as I finish my work with Onan Cummins I’ll quit my job as a translator.

Nice, good luck with your job.

Rock on Ren! Good luck with that. Now get off the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations, you’re now a corporate slaveboy!

I’m still giggling at the Onan thing chuckle

Anyhow, I’m really [STRIKE]jealous[/STRIKE] glad for you and I hope you do well.

Sounds like you’ve got your bases covered. Good luck with everything.

Wow, congratulations!

Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

Nul: if this is slavery, then I wanna be a slave for the rest of my life! Actually, I’ll be the master someday, then I’ll have my own set of corp slaves.

Piers: No way, I’m learning to program web services now so I NEED to dwell in the net.

Same 'ere. I also hope to hunt you down and [STRIKE]jump you[/STRIKE] give you a handshake.

I can’t help it…when I saw the title I knew I must quote this (Although, I probably don’t have it word for word…):

"Tips for being a successful businessman:

  1. Find someone influencial, and fawn upon him!
  2. Have a selling spree with big name companies!
  3. Lastly, blame someone else, and run away if something goes wrong!"

If anyone can guess where that’s from, you get a cookie!


I might have done number 2 a few times in the past…


Congrats, Ren, you’ve got it made.

Congratulations, Ren, that’s a pretty good job, especially if you enjoy it! :cool:

PS: Can I have your Translator Job? The only thing I get to translate around here are projects from students too lazy to learn good English. :noway: