I'm not sure what to think

I mean, the song name should immediately make me ignore it, but it’s too damn catchy when listening to.
Who can go wrong with sideshow freaks and a (as dev pointed out) boy george-like singer?

Is it just me, or do thigns from YouTube load really damn slowly?

Chances are, after either you personally have visited it a few times and loaded something, or a certain volume of people have, it chokes the speeds to save bandwidth (ie people just don’t try if it’s going too slow)

Panic is awesome live. Except for the billions of girls with “Theirname! At the Disco” shirts.

yeah, the first impression i got of panic were all the scene chicks with shitty FLKASDJL:KAJD! At the disco! as their goddamn myspace names, and then I listen to them and they’re actually talented :frowning:

I have to admit, that was an impressive video, and a damn good song. Need to look into these guys more.

You guys really think that song is good?

It’s way to repetitive… in a bad way. But that’s just my opinion.

stop listening to bad music, Steve

stop having sex in restrooms
stop posting about your personal life on the internet
Stop trying to make us give a shit about your horrible haircut and color

lets compromise k?

you stop first then i will stop ok

I swear I’ve heard this style and singer’s voice before. I can’t put my finger on it. And it loaded really fast for me. Its not bad, but too repetitive. They could’ve expanded the song’s lyrics to make their point stick. Now its just more popish and repetitive.

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a better example, but that’s the only video the band has.

here’s something in steed of that:

You’re probably thinking of Fallout Boy, Sin.

They’re on the same label too.

p.s. Against Me! sucks. Except for Cavalier Eternal, that song is shweet.

Hey fuck you man, I like Against Me! :frowning:

Just to spite you I’m listening to them RIGHT NOW >:(

Scene war.

Get out of my thread, poseur >:(

A good example of what is known as the pot calling the kettle black, even in jest. <_<


How much mascara do you have to be wearing to enjoy this music?

At least half a container