I'm not passing out Halloween candy this year.

Well, I never passed it out anyway unless I was home with my parents.

This thread’s a really uncreative way to ask what you guys are doing for Halloween? Costumes, parties, passing out candy?

I’m going to a marine Biology science station on the west coast of Vancouver Island (Pacific coastline). It is part of a course I am currently taking. This will be one of the best Halloweens ever for me.

Hitting on a completely unavailable RISD girl.

Are you going to post a sign on your door? Or open it and tell them to go the fuck away, like the mormons.

Edit: wait a minute, isn’t there a rule against saying these things?

If all goes well I will begin the day by going kayaking with part of the math and physics department. Then I will come home and get into a hastily prepared costume, chuck accessories and clothes into a bag and take the bus to china town where I will meet up with more math department people. There I assume there will be bar hopping and shoving people into clothes I brought with me in order for them to have a costume.
I think on Friday there will be this big ol party at a warehouse/house type dealie my friend lives. So I think we’re going there in costume after we meet up on campus.

Hmm, I hear there will be some kind of Halloween activity on my hometown’s plaza this year, I might check it out. I don’t think any kids will come around trick-or-treating here, but just in case I may buy a bag of candy. And finally I might download or rent some Halloween-themed movie.

Attend a bunch of lectures, then go out and party all night dressed in a costume which is going to involve my face on a mask, batarangs with my face on them and a ‘car’ with my face plastered on it.

It will be glorious.

Robin Williams live with backstage passes.

Family is coming over to “aw” over the nephews in their costumes. There will be college football on throughout the day.

My plans are the most depressing, suck it.

I hate you guys I’ll be studying

Poor Cless. :frowning:

I’m most likely going to attend at least two parties, since my circle of friends and acquaintances can’t mingle with each other like civilized people. v_v

But should be fun enough…parties tend to get stale after only a little while, anyway.

Costume party.

Yes, I’m being a shirt ninja.

Always a fine costume. I’ve darted around a few nights as a shirt ninja.

I’m thinking I might be one of the Misfits.

Heh, you kids and your “holidays”… 8p

I don’t think anyone’s been trick-or-treating in this neighborhood for about fifteen years. Although a new family moved in and they have pumpkins on their front lawn, so they just might be very disappointed when they find out that Jewish people, who make up the majority of the area, don’t celebrate it…

Work. 'nuff said.

I know plenty of Jewish people who celebrate Halloween.

The same thing I’ve done every Saturday for over a year: working.

Was considering going to the Savage Halloween party in Toronto. Then thought I might fly to Ft Lauderdale for the last KMFDM show. But instead I’ll probably just get high and play Final Fantasy Tactics to celebrate breaking up with my girlfriend.

Sorry… replace with “Orthodox Jewish people”.

The Rotting Corpse of Abraham Lincoln