I'm not a car man...

I don’t like the design of the back of the car that much. But other than that, it looks pretty cool.

“The keyless sensor opens the doors for you without ever leaving your pocket.”
Can’t that be annoying too? You just pass your car and the doors open again…

Apart from the doors it looks badass.

Dude, I just realized that the car looks like a… big cat of some kind. like a Puma.

kitty~! :smiley:

Did you make that? and if so, when?

Yup, made it after my photography final a couple hours ago.

why arent we married?

That volvo, looks pretty sweet. Although those doors do make it a bit troublesome.

Even if the doors were different, I still wouldn’t have the money to afford it. But a guy can always dream right?

Cute. :3

Ten charachters! =D

QUICK! Get Star to peep that ride out…he’ll orgasm… :hahaha;