I'm not a car man...

…but wooooooooow!


Fucking A, man.

Yeah dude this is the Volvo on steroids…

Woah, that’s pretty impressive…I want one :smiley:

What an evil-looking car: the headlights are giving me the evil eye. I like the sleekness, though.

Of course, if I bought a car, it would have a bio-diesel engine or an engine which uses a similar alternative fuel. Bio-diesel is a fuel technology created by a physics student at my university, and it comes from (ultimately) waste grease. It is as powerful as diesel fuel, but produces only a fraction of the pollution produced from burning petrol. Making this fuel would also not only involve using up what is otherwise rubbish, but it would also not involve imperialism in the Middle East.

<div align=“center”><img src=“http://www.culttvman.com/assets/images-shop-2003/HomerCar01.jpg”></div>

Wow… that’s pretty nifty.

Hot damn I want that car.(the Volvo not the Homer)

I like the delorean doors, although they make parking hell.

TD, that was awesome.

Well thats some messed up car.

Everyone knows Volvos are badass. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a pretty bitchin’ car.

On another note, I think that site took some sounds from Starcraft. :hahaha;

Volvo rush! Kekekekekekekekeke

Its sleek and everything but its got that sexed up hatchback feel. And those doors while they look nice, they are impractical.


That’s pretty cool.

Too modern.

I can’t wait to see it riced out.

As for me, I’ll stick with Caterham Super Sevens.

GSM just made me think of 3 problems with the doors:

1-you can’t open the door in certain tight conditionsor if there are impediments that normally wouldn’t have mattered

2-There’s an easily foreseeable problem where the hinge won’t hold the door’s weight as well

3-How quickly can you open or close those doors? Not practical in the winter or bad weather.