Im new

I vote for a cute department. We need more cute girls here.

Welcome Gothica and ignore the naysaysers, they’re nothing without their morning coffee.

AGREED! And sorry but its “Gothika”.



Your title should say “I love one piece almost as much as i love gay pride parades”

get it


I LOVe cute deparmtents.

Sorry about that, Gothika

Meh tis the first time you met me…:cool:

I would feel pretty disturbed by having a cute department in RPGC. Having something cute in display before the members is like giving a magazine full of pictures of cute children to Michael Jackson.

Oh and welcome aboard dude.

So what kind of cute are you going for. Also Greetings and Salutations.:wave:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Just remember, your opinions will most likely be scrutinized and disected by faux intellectuals, desperately seeking the respect of their peers while simultaneously trying to parade and increase their e-wang.

And don’t poke the Hades.

He bites.

Man, you guys are like counter-counter-counter-counter internet culture now. My post takes this another level further. It’d probably make welcome threads a whole lot less retarded if everyone just said hi and shut the fuck up about what other people say.

Of course it would, but do you really think that’s likely to happen? Since when did anyone do anything remotely rational on here?

They do so constantly, you’re just being idiotic for the sake of being idiotic.

…Why would I want to do that?

I have no idea. I think that’s a left-over from 3 counters ago or something. Get with the times, man.

So what classes as with the times these days?

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…That kicks ass.