I'm new!

Hello, my name is Brenden and I joined this forum only a little ago. So if you want to help me just join my first rp on here called Genesis in the roleplaying forum^^ Thanks!

Hello, have fun while you’re here. ^^

Hello to you


Konnichi wa.



Nice to meet.



Welcome (Insert name here). Agora isn’t your typical forum and is pretty fun once you get the hang of it and the people.
and enjoy you stay :slight_smile:

hey there. welcome and all that jazz.

Hello, I’m Kirokokori, the catgirl typ person, welcome!

Rikku would say hi too, but one, she’s off doing…something, and two, I’m to lazy to go get the URL.

Let this by my official Welcome to you. Anyway, hello and stuffs. Don’t take anything too seriously here and have some fun.

Thank you everyone and I hope I have fun here to^^

Shut up you idiot


Pay no mind to Setz. He’s a moron.

Fukkin’ signed.

Also hi.

Ah…Alright then…

Well, welcome and whatever.

There is just one thing you have to remember while you are here, and that is… Ah crap I forgot it. Oh well.

Interesting, so do any of you play Magic The Gathering?

I have. Oh and here is your welcome dance.