I'm new!

So another guy who talks to himself :smiley: Yay :smiley: Welcome and <3 You give our boards flava!

He dousn’t talk to himself. We were sharing a computer.

It starts around the second half of the first page.

Haha steel blue?! Smooth 12 year old thing to say. You know much, Kiro.
edit: my bad, she’s 11. Even worse. All who participated are sick!

Almost four years at school learing to spell simple words. At 8, I wouldn’t made it to my Class spelling bee top 10 if we had them in the Uk. (My year had 20 in primary, I think it hit 18 on several occations.)

Big Nutter
My Imagination on the Other Hand, Overdrive!

Psh, there were couples in my 1st grade class. Chris and Erin, their names were. They went out till second grade, then they kissed in the funhouse at our little school fair and their parents found out and broke them up. It was the talk of the school for days after, until we found something new to spread rumors about.

I almost can’t belive i remember that, but then again it seemed so serious back then. Chris wrote her name on his binder in white out, and then he couldn’t get it off when they broke up, cause it was white out, and he tried to chip it off with a pencil…god this is depressing i’m stopping >_>


Kori and this guy are the brothers!? Er, sisters, best friends! They’re best friends! I had forgotten about the 90 11 yearolds that joined. Well that’s crazy. So you were just talking in the other dude’s post. Wait, if you share a computer… oh fucking christ. Nevermind. I’m done talking. I hope you two lead a happy life.

I take offense at that. I cannot vouch for Dark, but I participated in that thread with the simple and sincere purpose of flaming Mew’s ass all the way to the moon and back.


I’m not sick either! XD

Sharing as in, he told me what to write. He was sitting on a stool near the computer.

Thanks…I think.

You want MILK AND COOKIES!? I’ll give you MILK AND COOKIES!!

Oh, and welcome Cookiemaster.

(For those of you who don’t get it, MILK AND COOKIES are a superhero parody from Marvel’s WHAT THE–!? Magazine. That’s the two of them waiting for Santa. And no, they aren’t really a part of Marvel, so don’t expect to see them battling the Hulk or anything.)

Not really, only Mew. Everybody else was trying to help Kiro.

Hi Cookiemaster. Hope you enjoy your stay. ^^

Holy Shit, I used to have that comic.

Greetings master of cookies and friend of kiro.

you will be the first to see my new upgraded kirby dance.

behold kirby dance 2.0

Hey macarena!!

ok its more like 1.5 but still its an upgrade.


Hey Cait, you left out the “Hey Macarena!” bit.
Oh yeah, and hi. Try not to necropost.


You people are scary…cool!

Kiro: Duh.

Friendly tip for the future Cookie, talk to Kiro about where its ok to post what.

Like in that greetings thread by Charlemagne, its not ok to tell people to go to your thread as it is called “spamming”. If you join a thread, stick to the topic which people are talking about and try not to post things that aren’t related to the topic.

oh crap, I could of sworn I welcomed you already…anyways “WELCOME!!!” *gives cookiemaster a [STRIKE]poisoned[/STRIKE] cookie…=)

Well I think it’s time for a normal welcome message…

Ah who am I kidding nothing is normal around here! Anyway welcome.