I'm new!

He had to go home, and he may not post often, but he’s staying. He comes to my house all the time, so I’ll make sure. I’m not so sure about at home though, he has three brothers, and I have no idea what type of internet connection, but expect to see him here again.

Hi and welcome! :wave:

Pie, I so wanted that for an reply for one of my posts… hehehe. OK I’m Big Nutter Aka “that-silly-one-who-think-he-is-funny-but-so-not-funny-at-all-so-not-funny-it-hurts-very-bad-worse-than-a-swift-kick-in-the-groin”. I regually have other people popping in my posts such as this one Say Hi To Tina!

Hi! For those who are wondering Where the heck Darkie is these days. Nutter been dumped by her. For calling her bum “cute” in Al-Bhed. Show them wilst I get 2k.

Lida…buub… E ryja Vino!!! Cunno, Fryd?! Ug, Po nima uv dra Ytsehc, E ryja du bnujeta y dnyhcmydeuh. Vun baubma Ybbaynehk eh rana yna bynd uv y kysa/ynd un yh saspan uv yhudran puynt. (E’ja ryt Saspanc uv y puynt ybbayn eh so bucd uh dra cysa puynt, ed kud ikmo.) R CU RAMMU Yht Famlusa, Ahzuo ouin cdyo! yht Gaab uh Dnilgehk? (Cute…poop… I have Fury!!! Sorry, What?! Ok, By rule of the Admins, I have to provide a translation. For people Appearing in here are part of a game/art or an member of another board. (I’ve had Members of a board appear in my post on the same board, it got ugly.) H SO HELLO And Welcome, Enjoy your stay! and Keep on Trucking? )

Big Nutter
What Newbie thead, Again! I think there’s a pattern to Nutter’s madness. I’d better say Hi or Nutter will make me eat soap again… Hello, I’m Windows 2000 or for short: 2k. I operate Nutters Web server and His X-Box. I am here as an repesative of Nutters Os Collection, and most of us will ask you: “What do you want to do today?” in several Lanugues.

It seems Nutter upgraded his pointless crap rants to novel-length pointless crap rants. What’s next, T-Shirt prints?

Edited because evidently he’s not going to stop no matter how matter what anyone does.

Just ignore him =/


T-shirts I done that. I’ve got any photo at the mo. For a Novel here: http://bignutter.superihost.com/part1.pdf
It is also in the Media forum.

Pie, it took me 4 years to write my name, properly so I have Engrish or None.

Big Nutter
Shinobi! Nice advice, i do it some times.

Super Saiyan Ahnold welcomes you.

Word. It’s my B-day today, and I am now 22 years old, but if anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday, do it on the B-day thread. have some smilies.

:biggrin: :runaway: :moogle: :thinking:

Jeez guys, they’re just bubbly, you don’t need to be such bloody sociopaths.

I think BigNutter is funny sometimes, but

Do you mean 4 years after being birthed, or 4 years after trying to learn? O wait…it’s the same thing(is it??)!


Maybe he should have chosen Kooki, because from what I’ve read up there, you two are couples. :o

We are not! -_-

We still think of that as disgusting. We are best friends…not…couples.

What the hell just happened on this thread?

I think I am supposed to say sometihng along the lines of “welcome” so um yeah…

Hands CookieMaster a Tonka Truck and a box of stale Cheezits with a picture of Charle taped on the front of it


We understand. You still think boys are icky, right?

I sure hope that’s the answer. There’s no such thing as 12 year olds being couples. Let them grow up.

Your post, Eva, reminds me of the Mew and Kiro issue in the anime forum. Your avy also remindes me of how big Lenne’s big-ass eyes are.

What happened there?

I’d say ignore all the assholes, but then it would seem like every post is blocked :frowning: